Friday, December 9, 2011

REVIEW: Dr. Lash Essence Remover

i've been using this for about month now.  it claims that the Dr Lash complex will help my stick straight short lashes grow in both volume and length.  i'm not understanding the name, essence remover? LOL ah it's part of their charm.
the pump dispenser, warning don't press down a cotton square or circle down as you try to dispense the product up to your cotton.  press the thing down so that the product will dispense upward and outward and not squirt up suddenly and hit your eye.  so warning if you press down with a cotton square you're liable to have the product drip under the circle thing.
it cleans, well sorta.  boy this thing STINGS THE EYES! and my eyes get cloudy when i open my eyes after application.
it leaves behind some eye shadow and some of my brow thing O_O and oh a shadow of my wing liner, good grief nothing erases that lioele brush pen liner LMAO
and weeks later, no no new growth.

  • STINGS my eyes
  • my eyes get cloudy after application
  • doesn't clean well
  • it doesn't work to grow new lashes
  • dispensing mechanism can be tricky to keep it sanitary since gravity may pull down already dispensed product back in the bottle
  • none
Do i recommend? naaah i'm going back to their other makeup removers
Will i recommend? no

hay, oh well they have other promising products anyhow ;-)


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