Saturday, December 10, 2011


Whenever the hubby and I travel, as much as possible my carry on has very little inside to make as much room for the return trip for the stuff i'm liable to find while i'm at the country we're visiting.  so, i get these sample sachets from these korean cosmetics companies and this quarter my favorite has been, Laneige.  i bring these sachets instead of full sized stuff of what i have so there will be less likelihood of spillage and they're free so i can throw them away, not bring them home anymore.  saves me space in my luggage for the return trip. 
well, it's for all skin types and the ingredients, instructions, and description are in English.  i like the fact that it says right there, REMOVING SUNSCREEN.  this is the first cleanser that i've read that does that. 
it's a white creamy product.  and while lathering up, i felt beads.  it's a tad rougher than the ponds one with beads, or even the olay one with beads.  so this laneige one has exfoliation like the product description says.
and voila, a clean face, devoid of all the smoke, dust, sunscreen, bb cream, foundation.  eye makeup i removed first with my the face shop herb day lip and eye makeup remover wipes that i reviewed the last time i was abroad.

  • easy to lather up
  • very creamy
  • have an ample amount of beads
  • cleans without drying
  • lovely clean, signature Laneige scent
  • the sachet lasted me 3 uses! LOL
  • srp in manila for the full size is PhP1K ++ for a facial wash, mas mura pa lush
Do i recommend? - if talking only about the product (not factoring in the price) yes definitely, it works, not drying, and i love the soft exfoliation.
Will I purchase- hehehe it's likely i won't but i'm glad i got to try it and it's in one of the trial kits i bought in HK 


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