Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I've had this makeup eraser for a while now, since July, when they invited me to their press launch in mega mall.
since then, this item has not left my kikay kit.  
i often use it for my eyes and not my lips.  i use it most specially for mascara removal, when the mascara is still wet and i suddenly flutter my eye lids and then i have mascara tracks on my lids LOL
but i don't use the felt tip point directly on my eyes. simply because i don't want the powders of my eye shadows to soil the felt tip and block the makeup remover from flowing freely.  so as the picture shows, i drip the makeup remover on to our company tissue that a i can fold to a very tiny point (well the picture shows i'm using cotton, but i prefer our company office paper towel just for that purpose of being able to fold it to a firm or stiff point for a finer erasure of makeup mistake(s)).
i think i posted how happy i was that the simply style makeup eraser saved me from a mascara mishap, and here's why.  it removed even the fiber from my lash expander.  the eye liner below is my lioele brush pen eye liner.  i must concede that there is almost nothing that can remove that but pure oil so the fact that the tony moly eraser removed a great deal of it for me is already quite a feat.
and imagine this, if this tony moly can remove that much from that lioele line then just imagine it how it can remove eye brow color, eye shadows, and clearly, mascara.
this is crazy useful for the holiday season and we ladies are stuck in the office using awful ladies loo lighting or worse, the office lighting while at your desk.  so mistakes may happen, and this is handy.  
why is it handy? because you didn't bring an entire bottle of makeup remover.  not having to bring an entire bottle of makeup remover would save you from spillage.  then why not makeup remover wipes? that's ok, too, as in really a good idea, however, unless you are like me who uses a tissue/cotton first, a pen type makeup remover dispensing stick like this will be of great service to you specially if you're in a hurry.

  • convenient, convenient, convenient! packaging, dispensing, no spills, fits just about anywhere
  • no weird scents
  • no harsh skin reactions
  • effective on most products
  • not oily
  • the felt tip pen is easy to clean with a dry tissue
  • kinda pricey, srp is PhP398 at tony moly branches in Manila
Do I recommend? most definitely
Will i purchase this when mine runs out? you bet!


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