Sunday, December 18, 2011

SLEEK POUT POLISH - awesome color if only my lips didn't...

I've been debating whether or not to post a blog review on this product.  so here goes.  it was recommended that i try sleek.  so sure why not, my trusted seller has awesome turn around time so i know her stock is fairly new or had just recently arrived.  of the on hand items she had this was the shade that stood out most for me.  it's such a Christmas red that i couldn't resist.
it's a lip conditioner and woah, it has almond oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, and shea butter albeit their listings are at the very end, still, clearly this product is supposed to have balming and calming effects but uber tinted.
and the ingredient list.
how it looks like.  had i been any fairer i'd look like a geisha.  but since i'm not, it looks fine and my gal pals at work love the shade on me.  and well, i like it, too. upon first application, it looks like a solid red lipstick on my lips.
but after a few hours it separates and essentially ends up looking like the swatch below (but imagine that swatch on lips-so it's as though you've already drunk or have eaten something when you haven't)  so the thing separates when heated by the warmth of your lips, or has gotten absorbed but not evenly.
unfortunately, two days later, this is what happened.  my lips got chapped! anubayan.  ang malas ko naman.
i actually don't see a sign on my lips that says Asian products only or Revlon only - like a sign or sticker you see on cabs on top of their gas caps that says LPG only.  so i don't get it.  i immediately went back on my laneige lipstick the next day and for touch up after lunch my revlon colorburst lip gloss in papaya that's mostly almond oil and in that same day, my lips got soothed, and that night i just used a shea butter lip care from the face shop.
hay i'm so disappointed, this sleek in scandal has awesome pigmentation, i even tolerate the cocoa kinda butter taste/scent of it.

  • pigmentation
  • spf 15
  • taste/scent kinda like cocoa buttery sorta
  • consistency very easy to blend but not watery but not too sticky either, i dislike sticky lip glosses, my hair dislikes sticky lip glosses, too O_O
  • availability, proximity to me, for now while they are there, Digital Traincase is at Eton Cyberpod, a hop skip away from where i work.
  • packaging, not hygienic at all being in a tub like that.  that i have to use a lip brush
  • at 450 for 10 g of product, it's not cheap
  • oh yeah, it dried and chapped my lips!
Will I repurchase:  nope
Do i recommend: at your own risk, go ahead.  just because it didn't work on me doesn't mean it won't work on you.  can you see that pigmentation??? for women who don't like the idea of lipsticks and want just one product on their lips, this is a good product to try.


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