Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day Two of Learning - Shu Uemura Classes via Deal Grocer

 Yey, day two.  more on eye makeup today. (you can read my first day of class blog entry, here)
 The other day we learned to apply and blend out just one dark shade on our eye lids, regardless of eye lid type we were.  Today, though, we learned how to apply a second and third shade for accent and high light.
below is the all over shade, the lightest one.
 then we learned how to properly apply the outer-V shade and to blend it out with just to use of our finger tips, preferably our ring finger tip.
 ideally after applying the accent, the glitter on the middle of the eyelid, the highest point of your eyeball, then just spread out a bit, the model's right eye below is what your work should look like.
 here's my version of it.  i used violet and a taupy middle shade and a really earthy chocolate brown on my outer most V.  violet, my safe shade for smokey hahaha i should learn to explore more colors LOL.

 yeah i'm falling in love with that glitter shade.  it can accent and make your dullest eye shadow look vibrant!
though i am finding out i am just not head over heels in love with their foundation, specially the mousse one.  i'll try to review that, if i can.
If last monday we had the privilege of having John Pagaduan as our instructor, today we had Patrick.  someone just as lively and honestly more keen on following the curriculum.  
I can't wait for Friday! I know na what i'll buy hahaha
Thank you, my hubby for this opportunity and thank you Deal Grocer for this sweet deal ;-)


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