Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First Day of Class

Just a quick post from my phone.

First day of class courtesy of deal grocer.

Finally, I'll have some certification on what little I know. Naturally, I chose an asian brand to learn with.

My classmates are varied, from a doctor to two moms to a makeup artist who finds it difficult to apply makeup on her own face and a balikbayan.

Our teacher is very sweet and into kpop, yeah baby the ice is quickly broken!

The travel wore me out, yeah power plant is as far as makati I'd go lol.

Can't wait for wednesday :-)

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ashley mendoza said...

nice!! when they will have another session?

Marge said...

fr what i know deal grocer had another one of those group deals but it's a one day basics class thing.
i know shu regularly has those classes and those deals with deal grocer ;-) hehehe i suggest for you to subscribe to deal grocer to get those at a significant discount ^_^

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