Thursday, January 12, 2012

How I clean my brushes

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I was asked on my facebook page how I clean my brushes, specifically the baby doll puff.  And so I answered rather simply, I use my makeup removers.

For synthetic brushes and for animal hair I use either oil based or water based facial cleansers, shampoo and conditioner.  Simply because, hey, if these products clean my hair and face why wouldn't they clean my stuff? I also don't put too much stock in separate brush cleaners when they are just watered down makeup removers anyway.  My way saves me space.

I soak the baby doll sponge (etude house's beauty blender) in water and wash or squeeze the water with facial cleanser (either facial wash foam or a water based liquid lip and eye makeup remover).  I do that until I don't see the color of the foundation squeeze out of the sponge.  If I'm oc my final step for the sponge is to wash it with liquid anti bacterial hand wash.

I do the same procedure to my brushes.  I use conditioner after shampooing the animal hair to return any oils I've washed off from the animal hair.  I also use conditioner on the animal hair to get rid of the goat butt scent nearly all these animal hair brushes have.  Oh ha, ako na ang naka amoy na ng pwet ng kambing o,O

I hang my brushes the way you see in the pic, that way the water that I wasn't able to squeeze out would drip down to the brush rather than collect in the ferule to keep it from rusting and unraveling the glue that keeps the brush stuck to its handle.

For spot cleaning, I just get tissue and spray alcohol on it and gently rub the brush to and fro, left and right.  Once I see the tissue with make up on it I let the alcohol on the brush evaporate.

and that's what I do.  But feel free to ask further questions.  I answer as soon as I can naman eh ;-)

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