Friday, January 13, 2012

Last Day of My Shu Uemura Basic Makeup Classes

While we had class, we had a 10% discount on anything in the store. and well, you may be wondering why i didn't get any face products? my review on the shu uemura bb underbase here should give you an idea.
i super duper can't wait to use that foundation brush.  homay, it's goat hair divinely soft, can't wait to show it to you on my channel...soon
Today was level three with a review of what we learned last wednesday, the day time look with just two shadows and an accent with glitters.  from this look we should be able to move on to a night time look, the smokey eye.
so we have the base, then the base, then the outer V.  but the trainer, Sharon, said to apply a black shade.  regardless of what complimenting color we apply on our lids, we should apply a black shade for depth.  so the picture below depicts from top to bottom the order in which we were taught to apply the shadows.  She used their midnight blue gel liner on my lash line, but used the dark sparkly blue, applied wet, to be the liner on my lower lash line.  the left eye is where the trainer demonstrated the look i had to replicate on my other eye.
and on my right eye, here's my version.  mukha namang pantay hahaha
it's just that my eyes are super asymmetric to begin with. 
so more smokey eye looks on this blog and my channel soon? probably hahaha ;-)
and one of our petite mom's lovely eyes spruced up with one of the wonderful shu uemura lashes ;-) great for beefing up the smokey eye look and awesome for an evening event.
 our last day together.  i super enjoyed meeting these ladies.  a wonderful mix of moms, a derma and a makeup artist! Lala we missed you today... at may singit na eklaterang frog na kpop fan na ang hobby ay makeup hahaha
natuto ka naman ba tEh Marge?
yep, definitely, i've learned yet another way of applying foundation, and that animal hair can be used for cream and liquid foundations...thus i bought that goat hair foundation brush.
i've learned that a glitter shadow can spruce up the dullest of eye makeups...which i will definitely get one of these days.
i've also learned that a black shadow can definitely add the definition and depth to a smokey eye.
i've also learned that this first friday the thirteenth our first unlucky event.  our certificates and lifetime shu uemura phils membership cards didn't make it in time for our little graduation.  so we have to come back and pick them up separately, kinda made our last day sorta anti climactic.
review on the shu uemura mousse foundation soon ;-)


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