Saturday, January 7, 2012

Late blog posting - Back to School Makeup look - high school appropriate budget friendly


Etude House Philippines did not pay me to feature their products on my channel and my blog.  I am doing this because it's one of the least expensive brands out there so it is quite budget friendly even for our students that are merely on allowance.  and it was requested by a youtube subscriber, Nikki95ism1. 
for the face i applied the precious mineral bb cream. 
and their precious minerals bb pact to set the bb cream
i didn't use any concealer anymore.  i would advice ladies with dark under eye circles to apply concealer and if you have scars you wish to hide then you can use concealers.
I posted this video before the year started and it shows you how i applied the makeup.

 but for those who haven't found my channel yet, i'm posting this blog entry hopefully my instructions are detailed enough.  but if you have clarifications, feel free to leave a comment below on the disqus box ;-)
all of the eye shadows are from etude house and is numbered accordingly as to where i applied them on my eyes.
mascara is also optional.  knowing young ladies, you just can't help but rub your eyes, so i would not advice for you to apply mascara anymore to avoid smearing and smudging off your mascara.
  1. apply the proof 10 eye primer all over your eye lid and even your lower lid
  2. apply the ivory colored eye shadow all over your lid up to below your eye brow
  3. apply the old rose pink shade on your eye lid but only up to your eye socket (the middle part of your lid)
  4. and for liner, apply the chocolate dark shade on your upper and lower lash line.
  5. mascara is optional.
  6.    and for blush i used their tangerine line cream choux #2, this is super similar to Clinique's cupid #justsayin
  7. and lastly apply a natural beige-y lipstick or gloss

and the finished look
 and this light makeup can be seen even under glasses.
 and it's office appropriate, not overly made up.
thank you all that have followed me on my journey thus far.
my next goal is to have 1000 subscribers on my youtube channel.  grandiose as it may be, that means i have to upload more videos.  LOL so pray for me and my cyberlink powerdirector and oh philippine internet that i may reach my goal.


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