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Some of you may have read on my previous post visiting nature republic at the sm north the block, 4th level - here.  well i've since gone back and actually did the rest of my Christmas shopping there.  i got this on my first visit.  because in real life it looks like a blue kinda baby pink that's kinda soft.  it just so happen my cam and the lighting made it salmon kinda looking.
it has a satin glossy finish.  but when i wore it the other day it really reminded me of milan.  though on the swatches, you'd wonder why.
so on the lips, the only difference is the finish.
and here's the side by side comparison. (note that underneath both lip products i applied a thin coat of my lipstick base reviewed here and a thin application of my lip concealer reviewed here to make sure that the real shades of both lip products would come out)
ayan, oh ha parang dalagang pilipina hahaha demure kunwari, hahaha chos :P

Aspect Nature Republic Nyx
Shade Match almost exact dupe of Milan except that the nyx is has a matte finish
CoverageNeed to apply several coats, this is sheerNeed to apply several coats to get the pigment on the lips
Finishsatiny glossmatte
Lasting Powerlasts even after a mealkisses off even when it has dried on the lips already
Lasting Power -part 2unless you eat how you first apply it will remain that way til you take it offNice upon initial application then cracks after 2-3 hours revealing the cracks & lines of your lips
Effect on the lipsMoisturizingDries my lips
Priceless than PhP500around PhP300
Dude, i'm not hating Nyx ok?  i like how intense the shades are, i like the price i just don't get what the big deal is.  this is like my 3rd comparative review?  and clearly there are other lippies out there.  and just cuz it has amazing color and it's way cheap doesn't warrant the hullabaloo.  these soft matte lip creams cake up after about an hour or two on the lips, so you end up applying gloss to spread the pigment around and touch it up.  so what the hell is the point of it being matte if you're gonna have to apply gloss on top of it to keep it looking fresh?
i had the revlon colorstay ultimate liquid lipstick my review of which is here same consistency/formula where the cream or in that case the liquid lipstick's pigment/product won't stay put when your applying it on the lips then when it does set, it REALLY sets, so when you move your lips when you speak, it cracks what you applied, oh ha ano ito clay?  i actually liked the revlon even if a gazillion people hate it.  the revlon didn't tell me it was matte, all the publicity about that was just about having one application, the color and balm in one (rather than having the double ended gloss and tint or color).
I'm getting a lot of questions from our fangirl teens on what makeup to buy but at a cheap price.  naturally, there's only uber inexpensive brand i always say, clue, it's a brand endorsed by Dara.  But at least now we have other choices such as Nature Republic.
True that the nyx is really cheap, but at around 300 then you buy a lip balm or gloss at let's say 95 na nivea, why not just get one lip product that's actually priced at 400?? less stuff for you to put in your kit pa.
so dude, i'm not hating on nyx, i'm just presenting facts as i see them.
Like they say, you get what you pay for...very little product in a tiny tube that you can't see if you have anything left in there, and the cracked finish, not to mention the chapped lips after a day of wearing the nyx.
So yeah, Korean this Korean that, left and right...and why not? for a little more all you have to do is go to a mall and there you have your options at least 7 (to 9) brands that have a kiosks and shops in our malls in the metro.
if you like western products then by all means.  if you like nyx then prepare more than 300ish since you will need a good lip balm to use in conjunction with the soft matte lip cream.
do i like this nature republic bloom kiss? well it's not the best, it's like the revlon colorburst in carnation, exactly the same, even the pigmentation is just as sheer.  just that the colorburst is a tad more expensive than this NP bloom kiss (revlon, locally that is).
for our young ladies who just want a sheer wash of color on their lips, this or301 is just right for you.  it's your lips only better kind of shade ;-)
there i said it hahaha


Patrizia Alfredo said...

I ordered my NR lippies online. Didn't know there's actually a store here in the philippines haha!

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