Monday, January 30, 2012

Product Feature: Etude House Wannabe Last Touch - Wanna Love and Wanna Touch

I just wanna put it out there that the pink one on the left in the picture above was a gift from Etude House last Christmas.  i super fell in love with it that i bought another one in another shade and scent.
This is one of those things that might have come up in the board room in thinking up of ideas how to package stuff.  hmmmm i want to bring along something to touch up my lips but hmmmm i also wanna bring something to freshen up the way i smell coming from a really smokey club...and tadaaah this is what the people behind the business comes up with.  a two in one.  on one end your perfume and on the other your gloss.
 the box is something of a collectible item as well as the artist is Annika Wester.  I think, Amore Pacific is hiring different western artists for their different brands.

 Wanna Love was the gift sent to me by EH while Wanna Touch is what I bought.
 Kindly click on the picture below and i hope i do these wonderful glosses justice and hopefully my cam picked up the really really fine glitter in these glosses
 hehehe i prefer the gift given to me by EH, the pinky, wanna love.  the glitter is much finer and there is some shade and on the warm pink side at that.  
 the wanna touch is a glitter gloss.  though the glitter is very very fine and not the type that feels sharp on the lips.
and the roller perfume.  the screw lids could be better and more secure, but ultimately it works and my kit doesn't smell of leaking perfume.
of the scents i prefer the wanna love, the one with the pink gloss.  EH said that it's their floral musk (parang paradox noh? floral musk?)  but i really like it.  it's really really lady like, nope not at all like what lola wears, and it's not like revlon's charlie or avon's sweet honesty hahaha shemay, ang tanda ko na hahahah bastus :P
the wanna love, the one with the glitter gloss is ok, so so.  it smells like an upgrade to johnson's baby cologne, yung blue, which i like din naman.
there is a third variant of this collection.
i recommend this to any etude house fan and lover.  this is a collectible.  and it's also something nice to use ^_^
by the way it's PhP698 each and they are limited.


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