Wednesday, January 25, 2012

QUICK SHARE: The Face Shop White Lily Whitening Body Essence

Just a quick post from my phone and it's zzzz for me, still a little under the weather =(
Have you noticed that though it's sunny and can still be hot in the afternoons that it is still kinda dry?  As much as i dislike humidity, I dislike dry, feeling stretched skin more.  Parang nabanat sa tuyo.  These photos were actually taken back in december when the hubby and I went to hk, when at the time was or still its their winter season.  So yeah, dry and quite nippy.  I as I've said on and off I always bring the freebies given to me when I travel rather than bring a shizz load of stuff that I'll only use a teeny tiny bit of then bring same stuff back home.  So I like these sachets that only contain a few ml enough for use for the weekend then you can just trash it.  That way you can have space on your luggage for????  You guessed it, your shopping haul!

So back to the lotion, so clearly I don't neeeeeeeeed to whiten, mom and dad gave me that for free.  In fact I often say, 'seryoso ka ba miss???' After some sales clerk offers me some whitening product, oysssh. 

So my comments will be on the lotion minus the claims of whitening.  The sachet was pretty hard to open without scissors, which for me is a very good sign, it means to me that the product won't dry out too quickly in case I don't use it (if I don't open it).  this thing smells sooooooooo GOOD!  I'm not a scent person, so long as it's either vanilla or cheery blossoms, and possibly moringa (tbs) I'm happy.  The scent of this white lily its really light, not heavy or irritating like lola's perfume na halos alcohol na.  If they had a perfume version if this I'd buy it.  The lotion is really nice, too.  It wasn't greasey at all, it's perfect for the kind of weather/climate we've been having the last few weeks.  But for winter and dry hk, I need reapplying in about 3-4 hours.  This sachet though lasted me the entire trip, so a little goes a very long way, just a little on your usual dry spots, your elbows, your forearms, shins, and even heels.

Hmmmm thinking about all of its pros is making me wanna get it full size!

More lotion reviews soon, the liquid hand soap where I work is super drying, any guess what hand cream I use after I wash my hand after my business in the loo?

Answer with review, soon :-P

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Ching Yieng Chan said...

Hello, do you know there to get this lotion? :( I heard The Face Shop no longer selling this!

Marge said...

try ;-)

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