Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Red Lips! NYX In Perfect Red VS Lioele Dollish in Madonna Red - so last season!

sooooo last Christmas season! this post has been sitting on my blog unpublished bin since the holidays. but well, time flew, better late than never. so i was all over the red lips for fall last season. which explains the addiction to lipsticks which made me buy the nyx's which are really vivid and have an amazing color collection, not to mention really cheap. a good meal 3 course meal is more expensive than these nyx's. but as mentioned in my latest vid, i got a couple of Lioele's from Charmaine. One of which is this awesome madonna red
Once again, the only difference between the two is that one is more vivid than the other.  and woah, it's the creamy semi matte Lioele Dollish Lipstick #10 Madonna Red.  it's the same red, at least on my lips, only that the Lioele is more pigmented.  wow, something is more pigmented than Nyx!  i gotta admit, Mac's russian red is quite similar to this with just a little more blood stained, but the russian red kisses off, RIGHT AWAY.  while these two, the lioele and nyx, doesn't come off until you eat a lot of lechon, even then you'd be left with a pair of tinted lips.
poinsettia red hahaha so Christmas-sy...and i'm wearing green! LOL 
naturally, the people i asked couldn't tell the difference between my right and left lips.
i don't think there is a point of doing the table since they're super the same, except for the finish.  the nyx is matte and the lioele is only semi matte.
the nyx is drying, but at least this time is it's in stick form and i can at least see how much i have of the product left.  this nyx is drying but at least it doesn't accent the lines of my lips after about an hour the way the soft matte lip cream does.  
this nyx is drying but at least it lasts on my lips even after i eat.  
while the Lioele is just a dream, it lasts on my lips, doesn't dry my lips, in stick form, creamy to apply but it's not locally available yet and it's php495 even from kkochipida (so you can just imagine the markup from other enterprising online stores!) [kkochipida has very fair markup on her imports]
if i do go to Park Jung Min's fanmeet, i'll most likely wear the Lioele, of course!


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