Thursday, January 5, 2012


yey, i finally got me a dolly wink!  fuzkittie says the eyeliner is the bomb!  
so i grabbed the thing soon as i saw these at sasa.  around p700ish, not a bad deal considering there's a mascara AND A liquid eyeliner.  so i got the eyeliner because that's what i was after.  and ohh LOL the eye liner was the free item and so i bought the mascara. hehehe
and here it is, what i bought.  nice and pink.
i actually like the brush tip applicator on this thing.  it's not too thick, and not too thin.  this isn't a fiber wig. and the formula is also not too thin and not too thick. even after almost a month's use it hasn't gone thick.
these are my lashes without mascara
and with a couple of coats of the koji dolly wink.  kinda clumpy.  all it did was put my lashes' tips together and blacken my lashes.
i guess it gave some length. emphasis on some.
it flakes off when you clean it off.
i am not hopelessly in love with this mascara.  not at all.  it's like any mascara in the market.  i even prefer my   old the body shop divide and multiply. my review is here, yep that's me hathor2 a long time ago on epinions.

  • no weird plasticy scent
  • formula is between thick and watery
  • relatively inexpensive, even withOUT the free liner
  • really really black
  • no harsh reactions from my eyes, didn't sting my eyes or make them go red.  those veins just didn't go down again after my little geo lenses phase
  • didn't flake into my eyes did NOT flake, period
  • didn't smudge
  • didn't smear
  • didn't do much by way of volumizing or lengthening my lashes to much
  • not available locally
Will I repurchase: no
Do I recommend:  nope, you're better off with majolica majorca, also japanese for almost the same price anyway, and majolica is locally available


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