Monday, January 9, 2012


as per Missha Philippines:
Missha Philippines - It is a set of snail cream and sleeping mask for php 2500
for this set can be seen on this facebook post here
As requested, here now is my review on the missha cell renew snail cream.  Below is my vlog.
here is the product description and in english.  yeah, i laugh at free gift.  gift nga eh, eh di free talaga (so why say it pa)
and what it looks like.  a glorious white sorta translucent cream.  very pleasant smelling.
so layered it looks white but a thin coat reveals that it's quite translucent.
the gift that came along with the cream
a sampler size but in a tube
and it looks creamier but also applies clear
as a review, my blog post on the The Skin Shop's Snail cream is posted here.
Aspect Missha The Skin Shop
Packaging tub no pumpmore hygienic and convenient with pump
Texturecreamy only a little runny (slimy)a little more runny and slimy feel
AbsorptionAbsorbed a tad slower than TSS'Absorbed faster than Missha
Mucin Percentage70%90%
Pimple Control3 stars out of 54 out of 5 stars in preventing breakouts
Skin Reactionsno harsh skin reactionno harsh skin reaction
Local Availabilitynone in Landmark Trinoma (possible availability at Missha SM Annex)haven't seen TSS at Watson's Mega yet
PriceHKD525 (well it was the currency i carried that they accepted)haven't checked the prices yet at SM Malls
SKW35000 on the TSS website
Both brands i recommend depending on the brand that is more readily available to where you are.
However, If the TSS one is available in Manila then i would purchase that again.  I am though willing to try the snail cream mask of this missha brand.  i hear they aer glorious and pleasantly scented as the cream.


Grace Villasaya said...

Hi, I just found out about snail cream products and I've decided to buy one :D
So far what's the best snail cream product you've tried? I'm trying to decide what product to buy. Have you tried Mizon's? I heard it has 92% compared to TSS...

Marge said...

the best snail cream i've tried so far are from elisha coy and tony moly, no i have not tried mizon's. just not gotten around to it and they aren't endorsed by a popular kpop idol

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