Sunday, January 22, 2012


Just a quick post from my phone:
DISCLAIMER:  all of the shades shown here are worn over my etude house lipstick base and etude house lip concealer to reveal the true color of each shade on my lips.
I will follow this up with a video review of this.  i think there's no better way to show lipsticks than through swatching them in front of ample lighting and a video cam. 

but for the purposes of this blog, here are the three of the new revlon lip butters that i have.
they are as pigmented as described all over youtube and the blogworld and very creamy to apply
raspberry pie i think this is my favorite, but i already have something like this, the gift given to me by etude house, but that has a deeper berry shade, creamier and not as sticky as this lip butter, and less expensive (the etude one vs this revlon).
raspberry pie me, this is almost what i wanted out of that berry mauvey from avon nyahahaha.
 sweet tart, please excuse the lip skin tags on my lips, to remove them while still short like that will cause my lips to bleed. (eh well, i wore a nyx the other night while filming a review)
ang dalagang filipina, chos! very wearable and sweet while either in school or at work
something wearable to school or at work as well.  quite similar to chic beige of etude house's look at my lips line, only that is smoother to apply, cheaper and lasts longer on my lips
I must say that i'm sorta surprised, for something described as a very tinted lip balm, without my lipstick base and lip concealer, these lippies are quite sticky to apply on naked lips.  in phrase, may sabit.  malagkit, sticky.  i like the fact that unlike real lip balms or those lipsticks that claim to have lip balm properties, this revlon lip butter doesn't give you that awful white line on your lips after a while of wearing them.  it kinda lasts through a meal and doesn't transfer as much on straws or your bread on sandwiches or the rims of your glasses.  like i said this is stickier than their colorbursts.  bearing that in mind though, it's still quite easy to remove.  much like the colorburst, it leaves your lips smooth and soothed.
the shade range, of course, it's revlon is quite extensive.  which i'm happy to note that the importer of revlon to the philippines brought most of (the shades of this lip butter line, i mean)  though i still object to them not bringing in ALL of the shades on their colorstay liquid foundation and mineral aqua, leaving our kayumangi women and women with deeper and warmer skin shades with very few revlon foundation options.
video comparative review on these lippies coming up this weekend.
happy saturday!
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