Monday, January 16, 2012

REVIEW: Shu Uemura Face Architect Sheer Refining Mousse Foundation

Some of you who follow my blog know that I took advantage of the deal grocer half off for basic makeup lessons from shu uemura.  Last day of of our lessons posted here.
Although, part of the deal was a lifetime shu membership card, a ten percent discount on all items during the days we had class and the certificate, I didn't purchase any face products. I already have the shu bb under base with their limited edition packaging which I reviewed here.  So my skin already has a history of reacting not so gently to their product.  But the reaction I had was nothing compared to having the foundation on top of it!  Behold the product, seemingly innocent in mousse form having a fantastic finish and only is it slightly reflective with a cam with a not so great flash.

looks really natural without flash

and with flash, only looks slightly reflective.

But by thursday, so two days of using the mousse foundation (monday and wednesday) there is my face.  For something US$45ish, for a high end foundation, this is what happens.  

And yes, bonga to the major major babad ng snail cream to repair the damage.  Yep, I will only recommend using the shu when you're having a really important event and not for daily use.   At least for women with skin like mine. 

DISCLAIMER: just because it didn't work out for me doesn't mean it won't work out for you.  And who can't help but love the finish and glowy and natural effect.  I love the medium coverage, too, you can still see your skin and therefore you don't look like you're w wearing a mask.  So yeah, I'm pretty bummed I couldn't, can't, and shouldn't get this.

Tomorrow, I'll review their cleansing oil.  Yeah yeah, I've read how fantastic the foundation is on other women, so clearly those women have different skin compared to mine, bummer.

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Serena said...

I've tried the foundation, not the under-mousse, and so far no break-outs. (I use their powder on top of the foundation)...but I think I got a shade too light for me anyway, so I rarely use it.

Marge said...

I'm sorry to hear that. it's quite a good product if only it doesn't break me out, i'd use it daily

Bahlowee said...

Zits also erupted like crazy on my face when i first put this on. Pero once my face cleared up, i decided to give it one more try (kasi it's so light!!!) and held my breath, expecting the worst. And no new pimples! i use it everyday now, and the can's almost empty. Bat kaya ganon, no?

Marge said...

hmmm really?? gosh, wow, lemme try it again. but i'll buy somewhere else like a duty free country/airport shu is expensive and more so here :-(

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