Monday, January 23, 2012

REVIEW: Tony Moly Intense Repair Live Snail Hydro-gel Mask

Just another quick post from my phone. Yeah, yeah, I'm addicted to this thing.

Finally I get to this product.  Though I know I'm going to get a few more of these babies, here are my initial thoughts.
i got this at Watson's about a week ago, and there's the price, it's PhP298 per sachet of one use mask.

Upon opening the packet I was expecting the usual folded up really thick tissue drenched in goo. i get a clear thick plastic holds the fold of the mask in place. The mask was sandwiched between plastic, paper, and ANOTHER PAPER.  soooo it's slimy, and I got the thing, both parts on my face.

my before pic after i had applied toner.

the during, see the nose flap? The nose flap was irritating.  oh yeah i fell asleep with this on.  it was that cooling, relaxing, minus the part where i can't breath properly LOL.  so i guess i wore this for about an hour? I had the sniffles this weekend and having a slime drenched flap cover your nostrils made my breathing even more troublesome, and yes it flapped while I breathed.

Every time I have these things on I end up scaring the cats like hannibal.  But ovey, I needed the moisture.

and no, there isn't an extra lamp lit for this face to have gotten this bright. it kinda did work.


  • At least 70% snail slime
  • Gel type consistency of the drench so I wasn't dripping
  • Cooling effect
  • My skin absorbed it like nobody's business
  • I didn't need to wipe any product off after I removed it.
  • No harsh skin reaction
  • Quite brightening on my skin, if I do say so myself
  • Scent is ok


  • I don't get the triple layer of paper, the plastic, then paper.
  • The price-but then all snail products are pricey.

Will I repurchase, yep, specially on sickly, breakouts, tension-filled days like these.

That's all for now folks!

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