Tuesday, January 31, 2012

REVIEW: Tony Moly Peach Anti-aging Hand Cream

Before I completely finish this off, I wanted to share with you all that I've actually had this since feb of 2010!  I bought this with a bunch of triple s philippines ladies when we went to a ss501 concert.  At that time, kim hyun joong was the model endorser for tony moly, which is what got me on to this brand to begin with.

How time flies and now we're here.  Two years later, and this thing has not separated!  You know what I mean when your lotion goes all watery and you see the oil or some kind of clear fluid floating white stuff.  BUT, NOT this one.  It's still as creamy and thick and emollient as the day it left the factory, back in late '09.

So, I finally get to this, and i'm totally loving it, most specially with our dry weather and our really drying liquid hand soap at the office.  I, unlike a lot of the people who take calls at the office, I wash my freakin hands after I use the john.  this is what I use to return the oils I washed away with that corrosive excuse of a liquid hand wash we have at the office.

I do not know what the anti aging thing is about but at least my hand doesn't feel wrinkly at the end of the day.  

AND MOST of all, it doesn't make your hand leave crud on your mouse and keyboard.  You know what I mean? Yung libag, dahil medyo nagoily kamay mo ng onti, this lotion doesn't make my hand do that to the keyboard and mouse at my desk.  Well, I just wanted to share that, this is, btw, p278 at tony moly, not bad, huh? For 30g ;-)

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