Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Scrub vs Scrub Tony Moly vs Skin Food - Tony Moly Latte Art Capuccino Cream-in Scrub vs Skin Food Black Sugar Scrub Foam

 I'm probably the laziest person when it comes to skin care.  i prefer to have my skin care in one product.  and not to have a gazillion steps like say hehehe fuz.  scrubs and peels that need to be done once or twice a week get done like once or twice a month hahaha.  but here i am testing out a couple of scrubs.
Thanks to Kkochipida, i get to try this black sugar scrub foam and below is what it looks like.
 and it spreads out evenly and it has a great deal of beads.  this scrub is rough, not as rough as my lush coal face but this one from skin food is way way beady.  someone who has oily combination skin like myself appreciate it.  someone who has very thin and dry skin would get hurt with this scrub though.  this smells like a combination of irish spring, dial white and a little toilet duck.  so yeah, it smells really soapy.
 but for those who do have dry and thin skin may be better served with something like this.
 it has far less beads and isn't a foam.  however it is easier to rinse off than skin food's sugar scrub.
Aspect Skin Food Tony Moly
Scent like dial whitelike coffee true to its name
Beadsa great deal more per sq cm on my face vs TM'svery few
Foamingsudsy foams forms quicklydoes not foam up
Cleansing Powersuperior cleansing power, squeaky clean feel same cleansing power as SF
Ease to rinse offneeds more water to rinse offeasier to rinse off
Break Outno harsh skin reaction no harsh skin reaction
Price US$15 around PhP650 (no shipping) for 160gPhP580 for 80g at Tony Moly branches in Manila
The choice now comes down to skin type, brand loyalty and climate.  had i been in a colder climate and less humid the moisturizing effect of the latte cappuccino cream in scrub would be better even if i have oily to combination skin.  but since i'm in a tropical country that has many humid days, the black sugar foam scrub would be best to take out all the grime we get on the streets that end up sticking to our faces because of the humidity.
price-wise, i think skin food is cheaper considering the amount you get in the tube of the full size BUT you'd have to order that online to get that scrub for that price.  while if you get the tony moly one, it's right at mega or many other sm mall branches.  so it's convenient, this convenience is already factored in that srp.  also factored in that php580 srp for tony moly is the tax and their cost of shipping the item.  where as if you order online you have to shoulder the full cost of shipping and you need to wait at least 14 working days before your product gets to you or depending on your pre order cut off.
all these things one considers weighing the options when ordering online or just buying from the mall.
as you know i would go for the online shopping only if the item is significantly less.  i would say a 500 peso or more savings on an item is a fair deal to wait for an item to be shipped directly to your shipping address. but if you can't wait and the mall is that much more convenient for your AND THE IMPORTER'S MARK UP is only about p200-300 then i'd go for just buying the item at the mall.
it also helps online transactions if you have credit cards which a lot of people don't have.  and if you're familiar with smart money, gcash (which wow a lot of people are still not too familiar with after all these years) and if you have paypal.  
why did i go there?  like discuss the virtues of online shopping vs going to the mall?  well some people do not work near malls and some like myself find some companies srp's to be too high on items that are being sold for only half the price s...f..d is selling their stuff.  so there is an shopping.  go for it!
will i get any of these two full size?  i may just get the skin food one for myself while i'll get the tony moly one for my mom.  (i have thicker oily combination skin while she has thinner dryer skin).


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