Tuesday, February 28, 2012

BLOG EVENT: Basic Makup Lessons at Suesh

Disclaimer:  This not an entirely Suesh event.  another party had sent me an invite to join this makeup tutorial session for free.   This is an event that was held at Suesh but was organized by another PR company. 
Had a chance to come to Suesh and take part of one of their short courses.  Basic makeup that can be updated to an evening look.
The trainer was Suzanne Tan.  She was also at the Kanebo Event about two weeks ago as one of the makeup artists. 
Finally, I get to see the inside of Suesh, their physical store! It's pronounced as soosh ^_^  Naturally, I grabbed for one of my all time favorite tools, the Dariya Fringe bangs holder, the velcro salompas looking thing i put on my hair when i do my videos.
they have Obsessive Compulsive items!
They sent me one of their latest brush sets, the smokey eye set.  Review on that this week ;-)
and the seminar starts.
I was the guinea pig for the day wear, so i have no pictures of myself LOL.  but to set my foundation, that L.A. colors foundation you see in one of the pictures, Trainer Suzanne used this Palgantong Loose Powder.  wow the powder in this is super finely milled.  I soooo want one!  it's made in Japan so you know what that means LOL okane okane okane!
I also fell in love with this LED lamp.  the chrome finish is very fine and neatly done.  the glass against the bulb is also pulido (fine craftsmanship).
we then proceed to the smokey eye or night time makeup.  she purposefully selected a subject whose eye was a monolid.
I loved how the trainer made no effort and in the language she is most comfortable with, on this day it was Filipino.  she got her message across in no time and there was no difficulty in relaying the english back to tagalog since she speaks in tagalog to begin with. 
Me and fellow blogger, Jes of Makeup Love
it was a fun experience.  several practices in makeup were reinforced by Suzaane Tan.  Given the chance i probably would go again.  BUT: Truth be told, after two days, I learned that I was not supposed to be in this class.  the people who organized this emailed me the day before this event and told me in context that 'nagkaubusan ng slots', but mind you, that email didn't specifically say i should not go.  i only read that email this morning.  the people (not Suesh) that organized this event invited me so naturally, soon as i read the words, free and Suesh, I knew i had to go.  AND I RSVP-ED almost immediately.  Little did i know, at the end of the 4hour makeup class, that the reason why there was no certificate of completion for me like the rest of the bunch in this class was because i was the one nincompoop who didn't read her other email and was advised very very late, as in one day before this event that 'nagkaubusan ng slots' yet, no where in that email was i told not to go.  i had to understand the context.  and it was in vernacular filipino.  my ghad, what if i wasn't filipino? what then?  the object of her sentence, which i'm surmising, was supposed to be, please do not attend. but it was written simply:
"Due to the unexpected number of attendees, nagkaubusan po kasi ng slot for the Free Make Up Session. We really apologize. Will be having another class sometime soon. Really sorry for the inconvenience. Hope you could still come to our future events."  and her email signature bears the company she works for!
>dear all, i know i often have missing objects, but this is my blog not a business correspondence.  dear all, i know i write really badly, too, but when i start my sentences with my verbs, i make it clear that i mean me or I, followed by a verb.
I was so disappointed in this group (not Suesh). the Suesh lady is fabulous and she loves milk tea like me! as in quickly royal milk tea days pa.  yeah yeah, i'm glad they didn't throw me out in the searing heat of the streets and yeah, i'm happy to have been fed.  imho, it's the least they could do because clearly i was clueless that i didn't belong there.  TADAAAH BUT MY NAME WAS IN THE REG signature thingy.  so i'm actually just pissed at the person who initially invited me then un-invited me, one day before! what if i had dumped another event in lieu of this one that I rsvp-ed to? 
This is also the reason why I will not name the company that invited me.  The stupidity of one person does not represent the entire company.   I may still buy a car from them one day, if i decide to drive again (after 25years or so, i quit driving) and hey it's Korean, my phone's Korean, my cosmetics and entertainment is korean, maybe one day, if i decide to drive again, my car would be korean, too.  IF.


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