Friday, February 10, 2012

BLOG EVENT: The Face Shop Pastel Romance Collection Spring Trend Makeup 2012 - Shangri La Mall February 2012

The Face Shop has launched their Spring Trend collection and in line with this The Face Shop had a hair and makeup make over event yesterday held at the Shangri La mall.  and, I, being an almost exclusively Ortigas girl, I was one of the invited bloggers for this event, my first for this year.
I had arrived late as I had just finished my shift and they had already begun with the makeup lesson.
Reinforced learning (that I caught up with by time I got there) were:
  1. Application of eye shadow is from the outer going in.
  2. Rather than opening your mouth when applying mascara, level your compact to your bust line (itapat ang mirror or compact sa may dibdib) and while looking down at your mirror, proceed with applying your mascara.  ika nga ng coffee commercial - traii moe!
  3. Since false lashes now come in different types, you can wear natural looking ones even for every day!
  4. less contouring, more of high light - which i would agree, i think contouring just make one look muddy
  5. That these days you can wear just about any shade of lipstick and at any time of the day, too
  6. We must always connect the liner on our upper and lower lash line.
  7. When doing the cat-eye, make sure that the angle of the line is a merely a connected extension of the lower lash line heading towards the temple.
There was also a hair make over, since The Face Shop is connected with Bench, they were able to bring in hair stylists from Bench Fix
the makeup used.
the demo with explanation
and here we are.
and here i am with Ms Marge!
oooh these tinted lip balms, the lip butter in a heart shape surrounded by the gel consistency of the lip balm.  cute packaging, too!
and the spring collection high lighter and blush!
and the loot!  i can't wait to try these out!
currently, the ongoing promo is this.
and yes, i've asked:
  • this spring collection will be a permanent line.  this is not a limited edition.  i was adv that the face shop does not do limited ed collections like say mac, stila or the competition like laneige or etude house.
  • currently there are no plans for a Kim Hyun Joong tour for the face shop yet
  • currently there is no Kim Hyun Joong promotional products for the face shop, at least not in manila, yet
there was an after event, a small get together of the ladies at dome,  which i could no longer attend.
As we have seen, since KHJ-L's arrival to this brand, a trend of change for the face shop.  This includes the prices.  The Face Shop in the Philippines is has eyes and ears and we, the frugal fangirl, have been heard.  so with the newer lines, we are now seeing less expensive srp's and this i noticed with the black label lipsticks that are only PhP350, even cheaper than some maybelline, and of course revlon!
The Face Shop, specially with this spring trend reinforces the natural beauty makeup looks.  Go check it out. , so yeah the blush looks a little like the competition, but that's exactly the point, competition.  
have fun comparing as i do!


kadir yaman said...

Gusto kong magkaroon ng aesthetics dibdib. Naghahanap ako para sa isang plastic siruhano sa Turkey.

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