Monday, February 13, 2012

BLOG EVENT: The Vow - Thank You Shen of

just another quick post from my phone so excuse the auto correct.

some of you who follow who follow me and Shen of may know that i won a couple of tickets to see the vow starring channing tatum and Rachel mcadams. Sam Neil was there and Jessica lange and a dude from a tv show whose name escapes me.
dragging Alice to the front of the screen, we won a PhP500 worth of gc at the organic rituals spa!

the event was made possible by carmex Philippines, zoya manila, organic rituals, and heno de pravia. several bloggers were approached to have a giveaway for free tickets for two.

as you know I met theBenj thru the Philippine Star Trek fan club that i was apart of and that he himself is part of tabletopwars and the board game geek. American money wouldn't be able to make him sit thru a movie that channing tatum would star in. and hero Tania was busy this afternoon so i decided to drag another blogger, Alice of @ytphotoescape to make it sorta a clinique party reunion where we all met anyway. thankfully she was free.
Below is the press kit given out to the winners of the bloggers that had the ticket giveaway ;-)

so there we were and i sat thru it.  I'm not as 'mensa' or cerebral as my family and the people i prefer to hang out with so i was able to sit thru the mush without any adverse reaction and hey i got to see channing tatum's perfectly shaped a$$.  aha! i guess it's that bod and lee byung hun's that I'll be watching when the sequel to gi Joe comes out. ahem hipon ahem hahaha. rachel's cute face is the same and her easy going acting is better here than in Sherlock so i liked her here.

as for the story, I'm glad it's a true story and that i actually have a guy who is as patient as loving and as hawt as the dude channing portrayed otherwise it's an impossible story.  it had its moments not a real tear jerker i guess the writer kept it real which i liked since after all it is based on real events.

a quick snide comment what the eff IS that unofficially yours starring john Lloyd and angel locsin? trying hard na friends with benefits? anuvaaa thanks Shen for this wonderful opportunity. til next time!

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