Friday, February 24, 2012


as a frequent buyer of Laneige products at both the Shangri La and Trinoma branches, i get showered with loads of freebies.  tonight's review will be of their pore clear essence.
this lasted me an entire week!
it's actually a skin care type of pore minimizing agent.  it's very similar to the the skin food Peach Sake T-Zone Block Gel but this is more of a white cream.
here's the literature for this product.
the very ample sample.  hehehe the samples they give always last me a good 5-6 days, enough for my skin to say yey, or neigh!
and the ingredient list.  hurray for salicylic acid.
i needed something to soothe my hormonal toothpaste break out so i thought to finally use this.
it applies clear, and as you can see, i had my hormonal break out and my reaction to my tooth paste was still fresh
well the entire week i wore this this under my foundation.
  • didn't exacerbate my breakout
  • made the application of my foundation much much smoother, it's actually better than bb creams which are primers LOL
  • has a very mild citrusy scent
  • made my pores less visible specially after the application of foundation
  • made my foundation last longer
  • didn't make my face look too made up though
  • help heal that red spot you see on the right side of my chin
  • help dry up the red spot you see on the right side of my nose
Dislikes :
  • hehehe well mahal sya 1k pluSS
  • if i apply a little too much, it feels heavy
  • i'd still get oily on my t-zone in about 2-3 hours, i guess that's ok na? but i'm in an airconditioned office ehWill I purchase the full size? - i think so but i may just go back to skin food peach sake's t-zone block, that one TRULY dries zits and fast! 
Do i recommend? as a pore minimizer and primer this works really well, so if you're into to primers this one is quite good.
and my laneige infatuation continues!
just a little comment:  i've been getting compliments on my skin for being either flawless or poreless.  even my sister in law thinks i cuckoo when i say i have a gazillion pores and visible ones.  
i wanted to show you that i too have skin issues, thank you closeup fire freeze, bad trip ka (nagtuloy tuloy na skin ko sa chin area after that).  i also want to show you how effective my makeup is in hiding my blemishes.
gnyt y'all!


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