Wednesday, February 22, 2012

REVIEW: NATURE REPUBLIC SNAIL THERAPY HYDROGEL MASK SHEET-warning i am pretty graphic with my words

Apart from bb creams, and on top of korean cosmetics, and yes, even apart from big bang and ss501, i'm now very much into snail creams. i've been breaking out since my not so fortunate spiraling circumstance of breakouts on the lower part of my face specially the parts where toothpaste suds trail around my mouth. plus, there was that really bad reaction i had with the shu uemura foundation and or the skin care i kept using during my basic training and then i had to use my ensogo voucher for a diamond peel facial and the lady was 'kind' enough to prick the bumps she thought needed squeezing out. and there i was with the lower half of my face like a dart board.
so ayun, there, i have a few snail stuff including this one from nature republic.  and as soon as 'the next day' arrived after my facial/diamond peel, i peeled this open and used it, and soaked under it for about 45mins!
here's what it looks like, it's packaged similar to the competion, wherein the mask has two parts, one part for the lower part of your face from the nose down to the chin wrapping around the jaw.  the other part is the part that covers your face like a spartan soldier from 300

tadaaahh yep, dami kong tama, on my left cheek 2, on left jaw 2-3, and on my chin, 2.  some of those pricked by the nice lady at surgiderm, some i had to squeeze and pop out what that nice lady pricked but left behind
uhmmmm, well, the effect is quite instant.  although i admit, that the marks you see below, at the time no longer has its 'eye' or so i thought(!) the drying up process of my wounds was pretty pretty fast!  which i attribute to wearing this mask.  the scab that my immune system formed was pretty stiff!  no plasma was coming out, you know, the ooze that's midway between yellow with a hint of red?  plasma the medium of blood and other particles such as your platelets and wbc's and other particles.  and there you have it.  i slept easy knowing that my wounds are semi dry and that i wouldn't reopen them with my frisky fingers while i'm asleep.  yeah, i sleep-zit-pop.  hahaha lech (though i'm not making it up! i wake up sometimes with a little blood under my finger nails!)

  • no strong scents
  • 1000mg mucin!
  • cooling effect 
  • helped dry my zits, the photo's above were taken last saturday, by sunday the ones around my jaw were dry, unpoppable. the one near my nose had a little surprise but i got that out THEN it dried out. and by monday, i just looked like i fought with a derma instead of having had a treatment with a derma! tenginangyan
  • it was NOT goopy but just silky slick.
  • the nose cover, ang hirap pong huminga so i had to fold it over my nose.  pang parrot ata ito
  • the packaging, similar to what i disliked in the last snail mask i tried, this thing was double wrapped and sandwiched in plastic inside a plastic!
  • the price - the price is pretty competitive so i can't argue with it.  (meaning pantay sya sa presyo ng ibang korean stores)
Do I recommend? - oh yeah! 
Will I repurchase? - definitely

so yeah i'm totally sucked in to this snail therapy thing.  and i'm glad i have oily combination skin or i'd dry my skin out completely hahaha choz!
has anyone else tried snail stuff?!


un eternite said...

Hi, thanks for reviewing the snail therapy sheet mask - it's so hard to find reviews for this product... I've received this as a gift and have been reluctant to try it... Seems like a good product ^^ might give it a go.

Marge said...

hello there!
indeed it is a good product ^_^
good luck with yours ♥

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