Friday, February 10, 2012

A VIP BEAUTY Invite to a Kanebo Event

Just a quick post from my phone:
Soon as I read Nikki's post here I new i had to take a chance and see if there is still a slot for me to attend this (I read the post 4hours after it had been published).  So I sent a text message to Ms Yannie, hoping it was still a Godly hour for her, and RSVP-ed.  Thank the godSS that she replied.  She told me to fell free to  go ahead and invite my fellow bloggers and readers to this event.
So here I am posting.  Please click on the picture above for you to better see the details and information about the event.  They have provided their contact information in the above photo.  and please text or email them your name and that you intend to attend and wait for their reply.  please don't just pop in there.  they need a head count for the food.
The picture below though, shows where the venue is.  Millennium Place is near metro walk, if anyone is familiar with animal house on meralco ave and eat my english, tapat nun (across that).  it's the building with the brother's burger at the ground floor. in the picture the building is marked where the index finger, mouse pointer is. please click to enlarge.
as some of you know or have read my best and worst of 2012 posted here, Kanebo's Kate brown collection that i am using to this day and have hit pan already, and their Kate Mineral foundation are on my best list.  so naturally i had to grab this chance and try to meet one of Kanebo's trainers.  hope to see you!

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