Monday, March 12, 2012

Etude House MiniMe World Traveler Ms Cutie

 Disclaimer:  I received this lovely thing as a gift from Etude House last Christmas.  but I am going to buy the one that smells like lavender or vanilla.  this is PhP698.
 this is the citrus scent.
I've been getting questions and compliments from people who see this on my desk, so i finally decided to blog about it.  yes, it is very similar to:
the harajuku girls perfume.  naturally the K....ns will have their own version of the harajuku girls perfume.  the minime though is an eau de toilette so the scent doesn't last too long on my skin and or hair.  but i like this scent.  this citrus one.  it  at least doesn't smell like the yellow pine tree air freshener in the bus or cab
this thing is big enough to have enough of the product to last you a while but still quite handy in a woman's purse.
  •  the scent, it doesn't make me dizzy hurray!  
  • quite handy at least it fits my bag  
  • the atomizer/spritzer sprays well (e.g. works well) and it spritz's a fine mist
  • can be used on hair, like on your head hair, it says so on the box, so i'm not afraid that the alcohol will dry out my already dry and thin hair, and it doesn't dry out my hair  
  • available locally
  • has 3 other variants (or scents) to choose from
  • a tad expensive for a not so high end brand
  • scent doesn't last long
  • if you (or i) are not careful, we are liable to take of the atomizer head and have no spritzer.  just like the testers at the store branches  
Do I recommend?  yep, it's a good gift idea.
Will I repurchase? yeh, another variant or scent hopefully something that smells of lavender or vanilla ;-)
Thank you Etude House Philippines for this wonderful gift ;-)


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