Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hunting For Etude House's SHINee Collection, Women's Month and updates

This passed weekend flew by pretty quick! and not a peep from me, either!  i had to bring the kitteh to the vet, don't worry folks, he's fine.  all of 16lbs of him! i then proceeded to try and take advantage of my hubby's presence and drag him to a certain korean cosmetics store currenlty having a tie up with BPI credit card, offering a 20% discount on skin care.  when i got there, i was dismayed that their masks were not included in the sale.  bakit kamo? kasi daw mask daw sya and not skin care.  say huwat? and twice they said that, too? like i didn't hear them the first time? and slower, too.  like i couldn't understand filipino.  winner.  tapos pa, like defining a word with the same word, kasi ma'am mask sya kaya di sya kasali.  amphefeng malaki, fine wichikels na tey, talikogenic ang lola nyo palabas.

awww may konting kaganapan sa center area of the sm north the block.  since we're celebrating the  women's month, SM North rounded up the usual suspects for make overs, nail art, and a bit of sale from the brands like Nature Republic as shown above and brands below.

huwow, Missha had a sale for selected items!  i got myself a body mist since it was half off.  pero my gawd, they had this really really nice looking lip balm in a sosi looking smoked out glass tub, and it had spf15.  hayst.  all i can say is, i shall return LOL

opchorz, teH leader is there, all so purrrteee.

and the other brand. hahaha the other talaga teh? the brand known for taking advantage of our kpop love!  you got it, it's Etude House!  so soon as i was wichikels na tey at that place that said masks are not skin care, i immediately went and hopped on over to hehehe of course, EH.

pero omg, the minho lip balm was missing and so was the new SHINee bb cream.  fine, fine, i still bought the snail gel cream sampler bb set.  but the etude house girl at the activity area, was super nice, and told me that there were still stocks left of the minho lip balm and the bb cream at the eastwood branch.  kakalerkey, bukas na nga pala yung branch na iyon! she even gave me the number to the eastwood branch!
Disclaimer:  i've never met the nice eh girl who told me they still had stock at the eastwood branch.  these ladies are by nature nice, at least to me.
SO THE NEXT DAY. tawag naman ang lola nyo sa eastwood, hala ka, 930am palang.  feeling ko 10am ang bukas ng mall sa alta de siudad na lugar na iyon.  aba walang sumasagot.  then, fine, fine, baka nga alta sila so ahem 11am is the start of their mall hours similar to shangri la mall and the podium.  woah ang sosi. anak ng lerkee, 1030am wala pa rin.  nagko-connect na kilay ko.  ayun! at 1130am, a familiar voice picked up the phone.  so nagpa reserve na akech.  so what's my name daw. so i said it, oh ha, napasigaw si sister, ay maaaaaaaa'am! dito ko ngayon sa eastwood!  sabi ni ganitey.  wala na lang ko nasabi, kako sister baklush pareserve naman nitey! hahahaha areglado!  they had the bb cream, and the minho lip balm!
tadaaaaah. moments later!

ahhh the new store, you can almost still smell the new paint.  this is located on the 2nd floor of the eastwood citywalk area.  so think something fishy, DQ and the tiange in the middle.

LIFE SAVER!  kumpleto pa sila ng SHINee collection.  bonga pa ko sa powder so skip muna.  may blush ba tong collection na toh?  i'll ask na lang ;-)

and they have the new set of toners.  eh bonga parin ko sa toners.  maybe next month ;-)

and my little loot.  i opted for the diary, instead of a 4" cake.  woot, bb creams!!!!

so how did you spend your weekend?
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