Monday, March 5, 2012

Korean 101 - A Crash Course

Korean 101 was an event that was spread around facebook and i had wanted to join seeing as the venue is about 2 blocks from where i live.  the venue was at Beehive Events Place along Maginhawa St. Sikatuna Village.
The speaker was Ms Cherish Maningat-Bae.  she took her post graduate studies in Theater Directing at the Korean National University of the Arts and is a musical actress and theater director based in Seoul, and is actually married to a Korean and lives in Korea.
I arrived and the class had already started.  and they were going through the Korean alphabet.
Throughout the lessons a few new things stood out, at least for me.  Please click on the pictures below to get a better view of the slides presented.
The cultural references were really eye opening.  Now don't get me wrong, regardless of country where a person is from, i never really hold ANYONE in too a high a regard, meaning wala akong sinasanto. put it in another way, i don't think about anyone unless they really annoy me or really inspire me, nothing personal, i suppose i have no space or bandwidth for it.  so i know koreans are mere mortals like you and me.  they have their cultural idiosyncrasies and their version of right and wrong.
and oh the big bow.  i never really paid attention to this but it means a great deal to do this bow correctly.  not only will you be able to respect the koreans in the manner they prefer, it may also be possible that you gain their respect if you do this right and in the proper context.
part of the seminar was makeup application!
it's great that she has a warmer deeper complexion, this fact reaches the target audience more.
and there was a portion where we prepared our own food for lunch!
yeah ladies bring it on!
we made Korean rice balls.
hehehe, the prettier the better!
and the motley crew that signed up for this unique seminar.
the spicy cucumber side dish ;-)
hehehe adobong itlog ng pugo hahaha.
it was a wonderful team effort.  it made the food taste better, imho.
and a class picture!
me and Kring
me and the speaker, Ms Cherish
I'm glad I attended.  I met really interesting people and the speaker was both credible, easily understood, and was able to reach her audience in the medium with which she chose to present the topic at hand.  the gathering was informal which i believe made me learn more.
I do hope the ladies hold another one of these seminars.  i also hope more of our younger ladies and gents attend these kinds of seminars just for them to keep their views about the Korean popular culture in perspective ;-)


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