Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lalala Lunasol - The Lunasol Spring Summer 2012 Makeup Collection

some of you may recall that the Kanebo family has been doing some promotions that i caught on at the Studio SNR with their trainer, Jenny Liang, who was visiting the country. then their brand for teens, Kate, had a two week counter promotions at two major sm malls, megamall and sm moa.  and last weekend it was Lunasol's turn.  this makeover event was held at the Rustan's Makati.  the Lunasol promotions is sort of a launch for its 2012 spring collection.  This makeover event went on from March 15 til last Sunday March 18.
behold.  the three pallets.  all variants can be worn simply or can be used to do the smokey eye look.

sorry ladies, fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your preference and brand loyalty the 2012 spring blushes have not arrived.  at any rate, it may look out of place seeing as it's only packaged in a carton box compared to the sleek packaging of the rest of the Lunasol products.
ooooh the lippies! i wanted to take them all home!

and a styling sheet.  the counter girl/ SA was keeping me occupied as i waited for their makeup artist.  hehehe if anyone knows me, they know that i usually arrive quite early for events and specially for work LOL.  so i had to wait about 30mins for the makeup artist to arrive.

i took the opportunity as well, to take photos of the lovely Lunasol products.  maaaan, they really are posh!

hehehe a familiar sight.  the 2011 party coffret.  i kinda do not know why this is still on display considering:
1.) no stock is available at this branch
2.) it's no longer 2011
3.) spring is here! well the 2012 spring collection that is LOL

oooops impress!  impressive din ang presyo! O.O  may nakalusot na 3 coffret d'or LOL

and my makeover done by their lovely makeup artist, Ms Christine Valdecanas.  woot a before and after :P

naturally, i couldn't walk away without purchasing anything!  there was, after all, a 10% discount.  so it's at least closer to the yen price of the items ;-)

whenever i use Lunasol eye pallets, i look natural but sorta made-up.  that wonderful in-between.  my next paycheck este project will go to purchasing a lunasol foundation. (and at least 1 lipstick from the other L i love, coming this April) then i start my cosmetics shopping ban until about hmmm probably November?  kaya ko kaya?
we shall see!  clothes though is another matter, since i need to update my oh so 3yrs ago clothing, i need to shop for those, and soon LOL
has anyone else tried anything from the 2012 Lunasol Spring Collection?
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kikay talk said...

sayang I wasn't able to drop by. Their lippies are creamy and nice a bit pricey but I'm loving their teen line Kate. Thanks for recommending their mineral foundation! Good luck with your cosmetic shopping ban Kaya mo yan!

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