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Review: BDELLIUM TOOLS TRAVEL LINE From my Closet At Clozette

ADDENDUM: adjusted likes and dislikes done.  please refer to the below itemized pros and cons
Has anyone been on Clozette? i'm on there now.  it's quite similar to that other network for females but clozette is a lot less cluttered.  i've actually found other bloggers on there, too.    Here is a review of an item I shared on Clozette's beauty section:
DISCLAIMER:  This was purchased by my sister in law with her own money.  this set was not sent to us for review:
This is the travel set that comes in a leatherette roll-up pouch that looks like this closed up:
This set comes with (from left to right)
1.) a face or powder brush #942s Slanted Contour
2.) an angled blush brush #964s AP Blusher
3.) a foundation brush #948s Foundation
4.) an eye shadow blending brush #785s Tapered Blending
5.) an eye shadow flat shadow brush #777s Shadow
6.) an angled liner brush #540s Precision Liner
7.) and a lip or concealer brush #763s Small Angle
From the Bdellium Tools website: Product Description:
-The travel line of brushes are identical to the studio line but represent portability.  Showcasing the same first-rate materials and superior quality, the travel line is for the person on the move.  The same luxurious handles are delivered in a more compact form.  Maintain flawless application without compromise using the travel line tools.  All of the travel line brushes are treated with an antibacterial agent on the bristles.
I'll start with the foundation brush.  this and the elf $1 white handled line of brushes foundation brush have got to be the thinnest foundation brush in my collection.  the foundation brushes from Charm and the face shop, are just a tad thicker or fuller. 
This one from from bdellium CAN be streaky when applying liquid foundation unless you apply your liquid foundation the way michelle phan suggest you do, in a crisscross way.  but otherwise this is your usual synthetic bristled foundation brush that is very easy to clean and applies the foundation well.  this can also be used to 'paint' on your face mask on your face and flat out any bubbles when putting on your skin care face masks :P

ah this thing.  the fluffy face brush.  i'm not sure what animal hair this is.  it feels like the horse hair/tail that elf uses on their $1 line.  this brush is scratchy, it breaks while you're applying powder on your face.  this brush sheds while you're washing it.  but!  at least the animal stink is not as overwhelming as my other animal haired brushes.
the angled blush brush, a dyed goat hair brush.  at least i think it's goat hair.  feels like goat hair, too  this brush is wonderful.  it reminds me a little of my shu uemura goat 18.  this picks up pigment well.  applies my mineral or pressed blush evenly and not blotchy.  it also cleans up well.  the tips of the brush goes back to being white once washed.  the bristles don't break and doesn't shed.  
aish this thing.  this is an exact duplicate of the elf eye shadow blending brush, the first press or edition.  this doesn't pick up pigment well.  the bristles break and it sheds.  this is also scratchy.  
ooooh this thing, the #777s Shadow.  this really performs well. it picks up pigment well.  spreads shadows evenly.  doesn't feel scratchy or prickly on my eye lids and feels really soft on my eye lids.  washes well, too.  doesn't shed, doesn't bleed and is easy to clean.
another love.  the angled liner brush.  this is so thin that it's almost fool proof applying powder liner or gel liner with this thing.  it's a synthetic-bristled brush so it's on the stiffer side, but i actually mean firm.  firm but has a little give, just right for the application of gel liners.
and the lip brush that can be used as a concealer brush.  this is really fine and thin.  perfect to line my lips.  though i haven't tried using this as a concealer brush, it's small enough that it can be used for that purpose. 
  • i like anything that fits nice and snug in my bag, so this is really great for travel
  • the handles are made of bamboo. they are made of wood, as in not plastic.  Bdellium tools corrected me on this.  really cool to the touch and very light
  • the ferrules do not feel loose or wiggly from its stems
  • the length of the handles fit in my really small makeup clutch
  • do not smell bad
  • the pockets of the pouch fit a second brush handle so i can double its capacity
  • has an extra pocket, so there's actually 8 pockets in the pouch
  • Bdellium tools people are interested in what we have to say and actually appreciate our feedback and respond to us.  hopefully they remain this way for a long time to come.
  • i only have two dislikes from this set.  the fluffy face brush because of the reasons i detailed above and the eye shadow blending brush for the reasons i stated up above.
  • this set is quite pricey, well now it is.  i think it was kikaytalk that said that this was on a really good deal last holiday season but now this set is about $50 on amazon o.0
  • i'm hoping the leatherette of the roll-up won't disintegrate over time
  • currently not locally available in the Philippines, ergo bdellium tools are ordered/purchased online
Do I recommend? - indeed i do, if you want to try a different brand, give Bdellium tools a try
Will I repurchase?  i'm very interested in their green bamboo line, specially this new foundation brush, the one that looks like a bullet.
Has anyone else tried anything from Bdellium? 
At Clozette's beauty section, screenshot above and link here:
Apart from this set from Bdellium tools that I shared there, I found a kindred spirit who likes Asian cosmetics. In as much as i respect people's discussions on western brands, naturally, my tendency is to lean towards Asian cosmetics, which I was glad to have found there, too.  I'm glad to see that there are people here on Clozette that are more open and willing to discuss Asian brands, even not too popular ones like Tony Moly.  I saw one thread talking about Etude House as well.  
Apart from beauty they have a section for clothes, shoes and bags.  I just find this site less cluttered compared to the pioneer. hope to see some of your handles there, too!


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