Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Some of you may recall my free basic makeup lesson from Suesh at their Greenhills store last February that I posted here.
There I got to meet makeup artist Suzanne Tan for the second time.
At the end of the event, the ladies behind Suesh Makeup Toolkit handed us their new (at the time) brush set for smokey eye to the two of us who were bloggers there.
Finally, I get around to using it.
it's a four piece set.
1.) the C-all over eye shadow brush.  a really thick and packed brush for patting on and blending out eye shadows.  before washing this brush was stiff and scratchy to the point of prickly.  BUT AFTER WASHING, it was gloriously soft! not scratchy and was even able to apply something as creamy as my lunasol shadows pretty well. (i'll tell you, again, why you shouldn't use brushes for the lunasol eye pallets when i feature them on this blog).
 2.) Flat eye shadow brush - a smaller less densely packed shadow brush.  this, too, was scratchy and stiff prior to washing, but woah, once washed, shampooed and conditioned this, too, has bristles as soft as my cats' hair!  this is great for patting in your shadows from your lash line to your crease.
 3.) a synthetic bristled liner brush.  this isn't as stiff as etude house's.  it's quite similar to my bdellium tools liner brush.  it's firm with a little give which is great for gel liner or powder liner.  it's great for the lower lash line because of the thin line it makes.
 4.) the pencil brush.  i actually like that the bristles on this brush are a tad longer than your basic pencil brush.  i just don't get why it has synthetic bristles.  it took me longer to smudge out a dark shadow longer since the brush was almost just gliding on my lids since it's that's smooth and soft (it having synthetic bristles and all)
5.) and the case.  yep, it only looked thin and looked as though it wouldn't contain much.  to my pleasant surprise the bottom folds out to double its capacity so not only can it house the four brushes, it can house my other stuff, too LOL.
i am sorry, i am un able to find the srp for this set.  kindly visit their facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Suesh-Makeup-Toolkit/230391965594 or their multiply site
http://suesh.multiply.com/ so you can ask for the price of this set before going to their physical stores in Greenhills, Trinoma, and Alabang.
  • super soft brushes!  looks are deceiving indeed, they looked ordinary and looked scarily scratchy, but after washing the animal haired ones were divinely soft!
  • handles were not too long, just as long as the one dollar white handled brushes from elf (eyes lips face)
  • great for travel
  • convenient, comes with a case
  • the ferrules were securely attached to the handles or stems, so no wiggling of the stems from the metal thing that holds the bristles in place
  • locally available in at least 3 strategic locations around the metro
  • also available online in case those 3 locations are still too far or inconvenient for you to go to
  • they don't stink, yep, after one washing i no longer detect the usual goat's butt smell of animal haired brushes, hahaha prolly cuz they aint goat hair? it's possible they are horse or squirrel hair.  basta, no stink after washing
  • effective in picking up even the finest of pigment or shadows
  • none, the animal haired ones shed a bit during their first bout with washing but that's normal.  there was one or two bristles that flew off while i was applying my shadows, but that's kinda normal, too.  and that has not recurred.
Do i recommend - yes, they are worth the trip i made to greenhills that day.


DeBi said...

nice kaso  que mahal naman! but it is a good investment though. :)

Marge said...

hay, so true, even the strawberry curlers na php198 lang ang isang set of 4pcs double or more the price at suesh. but for brands and products that are not locally available like OCC, i guess we'll just have to do the math in calculating the shipping fee and fear of customs vs getting the items you want at their stores LOL
true, may kamahalan ang mga brush nila. but for this set, i think it's worth the investment, super soft talaga ;-)

Kexia Vivo said...

My mom has also been using Suesh brushes as well and she loves it. ~ I want to try it too but my budget can't handle it~ It's really pricey~ But I can see that you really get what you pay for. Great review, Miss Marge! :D

Marge said...

hi there!
thanks for the comment.
yep, at least though it's expensive (pala) these brushes were not a disappointment ^_^

photoescape said...

Great review Marge! ^^, will def save up for these next time ^^, Have a great day!

Marge said...

thanks, same to you ;-)

Issachavez said...

I also have a set of Suesh makeup brushes and I really love it!   Really value for money! :)

Kumiko Mae said...

Have been deeply considering getting a suesh brush set. now i feel convinced. 

Marge said...

hi Issa ^_^
yeah, i'm glad i had the opportunity to finally go to Suesh, meet the ladies behind Suesh and have this opportunity to try their brushes ;-)
true, these are wonderful brushes.

Marge said...

hi there:
awww thanks, they're sets are a bit pricey though but at least they are quality, at least this set is ;-)

Marge said...

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