Wednesday, March 21, 2012

REVIEW: TONY MOLY Clean Dew Tea Tree Seed Cleansing Cream

another one from the phone LOL
this has been sitting in my blog bin for a while now.  and look hehehe i'm half way done with the tube, too!
as usual the ladies of tony moly are such great sales people that even though i have many other facial cleansers i went ahead and got convinced in getting this one, too.
it claims to have tea trea, well it's somewhere in the ingredients, near the end LOL.
this is my mug at the end of the day, before i remove my make up.

here's what the product looks like: it's a light lime green.  and a little lime-lemony scent, but it does not smell like lime scented car air freshener, so no the scent of this cleanser does not annoy me nor is it over powering.  the consistency and texture is that of butter about to melt.
it applies white though
it actually takes that amount for my entire face. and after i have the option to wipe off with facial tissue or use one of my makeup remover wipes for an extra clean.
and tadaaah, a clean shiny face.  then as part of the regimen, and since i brush my teeth right before i go to bed, i do an extra wash over my face specially around the mouth area.  just to ensure whatever tinge the skin around my mouth is going through is halted by my chamomile/calamine soap.
  • PhP378 for 150ml worth of product.
  • a little goes a long way, so that 378 goes a long way, too
  • scent is not over powering
  • best of all it works! it removes my lioele pop pinky tint, and that is hard to remove
  • not harsh
  • no violent reactions from my skin
  • convenient tube packaging instead of a tub
  • easy to wipe off
  • or easy to wash off, why?
  • because it's not greasy
  • none that i can think of, possibly the price?
Do I recommend? - yep, it's quick and easy and convenient
Will I repurchase - it's in the realm of possibility 
have y'all tried this?

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