Friday, March 30, 2012


 Some of you may recall that I used this bb cream in my recent tutorial seen below.
that night was actually the first time i had tried out this special and limited edition bb cream.  and i've used it everyday since then.  
 the ingredient list is below and in english.
 it has a pump and a pump that works! 
 it is more like a foundation to me though, like a a sheer sorta luminous tinted moisturizer.
 i like the luminosity on this one.  it's really quite subtle.
 a picture of me with just the bb cream and concealer under my eyes and pimple scars. hehehe sorry hagardo verzowsa.  this is my morning fez
 it's a tad reflective.  i had bad lighting since it was raining so the room i was in was sorta dark.  this coupled by my flash not loving me this day i took the pic and the spf in the product made it reflective. but i suppose i can still pull it off since my face is only a little lighter on my face.  so ladies with warmer and deeper skin tones, please be aware of this fact before purchasing it.  please try the product first, go around the mall, take pictures of yourself, and see if you will still encounter this floating head phenomenon, if you can deal with it, then by all means, buy it.
but if you won't take pictures of yourself with a flash, then it really really looks natural yet you look polished. this foundation (yes, foundation) provides a thin veil of light to medium coverage that can even out the skin on your face and it made me look i had blood running up to my head instead of my non-madeup face where in i look really ashen and pale.
topped with setting powder and the bb has set a bit.  even with flash it looks sorta normal already.

  • semi dewy - makes me look healthy! well without flash photography that is.  just the normal no flash, real life, i like the finish of this
  • consistency - it's a cross between a foundation and your regular bb cream so it's a tad watery so it's great to blend but blends out sorta powdery 
  • not cakey
  • covers pores evenly
  • light to medium coverage, great for summer! you don't end up looking too made up!
  • i don't oil up right away.  no need to reapply, even after i walked under an umbrella in the rain so it was wet and humid all i had to do was blot away the oil and moisture and it looked like new on my face again
  • THE SCENT OMG I LOVE THE WAY THIS SMELLS!  it's super duper faint but really lovely and soft and feminine.  it's tough to describe but it's kinda a cross between the johnson's and johnson's baby powder regular scent mixed in with a little lavender but very very faint.
  • the price check out their webstore here it's less than 500 for 30grams of product! so college students can afford it!
  • takes a little product to cover my entire face
  • a pump that works!
  • limited edition.  so hmmmm why are the good stuff limited ed? LOL
  • very limited shades.  i think they only have shade two in the stores here in manila.
  • hmmm always out of stock? i had to get mine at the eastwood branch LOL
do i recommend? - definitely
will i repurchase? - i might!
has anyone else tried this?


photoescape said...

Great review! I think this is the one my korean unnie had been telling me to have...hirap kasi korean/english/tagalog ang usapan.. will check this out real soon ^_^

frozenblossomsbysenzy said...

Nice review Miss Marge =) I also have this BB... sayang  dapat me LMH edition din before no? =)

XiaoVee said...

wow i think i'm gonna buy this ^^
thanks for sharing =D

Cat said...

I saw this in EH megamall branch swatched and tested it its really nice thinking of getting one kaya lang I got the EH snail cream as I've been breaking out due to stress, hormones and weather change hay naku ang hirap tangalin ang mga pimples argh..sana maging available na yung skin shop snail cream here but I tried TM snail cream again this time it worked a bit my pimples started drying out hopefully this time it will work  *fingers crossed*  

Anna Ho said...

I've been curious about this bb lotion cream thing. I have the lavender powder and I am not that impressed as it does nothing for oil control :/ even though it advertises oil control :[

Marge said...

hi Anna thanks for the input. i'd just like to add something about oil control. yeh, we're better off with brands like revlon and specially revlon. since they are way more people in the US, they have to cater to people who live in very hot and humid states such as MS, FL, etc. so regardless if the individual produces oil on her tzone or not, the moisture will still collect on the tzone more since it's a warm area so what you may be seeing as shine is also moisture from the air. this factor may not be factored in when companies like amore pacific (mother company of laneige and etude) even though Japan and Korea have severely hot and humid summers.
i'm also stuck in the office all day so the a/c helps prevent in controlling my oil production and the moisture that accumulates on my tzone ;-) hope this helps ^_^

Marge said...

good luck! yeh, the TM serum has been quite good to my skin.
yep, this is a good foundation for our young ladies. it's a good combo of semi-matte/semi-dewy, which will kinda emulate sandara's skin on those silly posters wherein she has a shiny face, that's actually just photoshop, that much shine does not show up too much under really bright and harsh studio lights.
i'm sorry you're breaking out. it just goes to show with the kind of live we have in the third world plus the pollution we have in the city, one may still suffer pimples at whatever age =(

Marge said...

hi there!
it's a good purchase if your skin shade is a match to this. good luck and you're welcome ♥

Marge said...

hi there! yep i saw your blog! this bb is so pretty on you ;-) looks so natural ♥
honga dapat nga may LMH. kaso tail end na ng contract nya with EH nang dumating ang etude dito =(

Marge said...

good luck

Pammy said...

hagardo verzowsa - this, I swear, cracked me up. I couldn't stop laughing until my lungs told me to stop. :P

Pretty pretty naman. Glowing and radiant ang peg. :)

Marge said...

hi Pammy!
hehehe thanks hun, glad i made you laugh. di ba lang noh? naiiba itsura ng ghels at that time of the month? like we walked a mile in heat and humidity lol, natuyo akech ^_^
awww thanks for the compliment, hahaha radiant, if only ;-) thanks though ♥

Emi Mj Zapanta said...

Hi Marge~ :)

Nga pala...

I got na the EH Repair Gel Cream...

really great product~! hehe

ask q lang opinion mo though...

if you were to choose, which would you prefer? The Shini bb lotion or the EH Snail bb cream?

thanks Marge~ ^^Keep safe.


Marge said...

hi there!
i'd use the eh snail bb cream during the times of the month when i know i'm prone to hormonal break outs. during normal times of the month this shini bb is ok.
sige matry ko na nga rin yung repair gel cream. lapit na maubos yung tony moly serum ko eh LOL

Lorraine said...

Looks great on you! 
♥  I want this too, but you're right... It's always out of stock -_-; argh.

Marge said...

hi there. yeah i was just lucky the eastwood branch doesn't get too much traffic :-P

Matte Damon said...

It definitely look great on you. I wonder if the effect will be the same for me. Too bad, it's always out of stock too.  I might just rely on make up samples for now.

Calida Li said...

Hmm your pictures and review were very helpful! I'm wondering, because my skin is fair, but very yellow toned... do you think it would match? Or would it end up looking too pink on me?

Marge said...

hi there, there are always testers in the stores so you try it out. i am yellow toned as well and i haven't had the displeasure of turning pink since i started my journey in blogging in 09. i started with bobbi brown, moved on to revlon then to Korean cosmetics. most korean bb creams will either make you look ashy or be just right. ashy if you have skin that will match mac foundations with shades of nc30 or nw25 upwards. while if you have skin that will match mac foundations of nc25 below then bb creams like this one will work out for you.
hope this helps, i always use mac shade foundations since makeup artists and even sales ladies at the department stores will be familiar with the terminology

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