Wednesday, March 28, 2012


my video below, please view it for you to see clearly the consistency of the serum and to have a close up view of the bottle.  this video should advice you on my likes, and dislikes if any on this product. the video even has a blooper moment at the end LOL.  enjoy!
as explained further in m video, i've been using this for about 6 weeks or at least a month since i got it. it has a medicine dropper type of way of dispensing the product instead of a pump.  i guess that's more hygienic than a tub.
and the snail cream that comes free with the serum/essence thing.  i apply this after i apply the serum/essence.
what the cream looks like.  it has the same scent as the serum.  very creamy to apply
and what the serum will look like on your skin. once you spread it out it dries clear.
ayan. matulog ka na Marge, dami pang eklavu, selca nang selca :P la lang.  i'm just trying to emphasize that after using the missha and with continued use of snail products i was able to recover with my breakout last January in about a a month to 6 weeks' time. oh joy!
To sum up what I said in the review and the little description of what I have here:
  • i can't testify to its anti wrinkle properties, no wrinkles yet, except for those laugh/smile lines you see under my eyes, so no crows feet yet on the outer corners of my eyes.
  • i can't testify to its whitening properties since if it did work, i can't really say, since ayun maputi naman na ko talaga o.O
  • this is the one cycle that i didn't have a pimple in my face in a very long time.  i did however have a pimple during my pms period but on my chest
  • did not break me out, hahaha obviously
Do i recommend - definitely
will i repurchase? - not in the near future trying out other snail creams.
has anyone else tried this?


Dawn said...

I want one! But I'm scared cuz it's so humid and I have oily skin na. Eh I don't have much money pa naman so if I have to buy something this expensive, it better works! :P

"Baby Goodnight" as the bg music is ♥! GD & TOP ♥♥♥  and I love your cat! ♥

Marge said...

hahaha it's why i super bought it na when it was on 40% off hahaha otherwise i wouldn't have LOL i'd've rather invested in a snail product made for oily combo skin like mine such as the missha and the gel type snail product of etude house. ah well since it was almost half off i took the risk LOL
yep, uhmmm don't tell TaeYang, but i prefer the GD-TOP pairing hahaha regardless if taeyang and gd have been together since they were 12 hahaha. i think the gd-top pairing for that album was more hmmm swag and suave at the same time hahaha

Clair said...

Lol. natuwa ako dito sa comment mo: GD-TOP :D :D :D di ako super fan ng big bang but i know what you mean! merong something talaga sa GD-TOP ;)

as for 2sox... awww. glompsies for him~!

Marge said...

hehehe yuh, youngbae palang sya emo na sya while GD is the more flamboyant character of the two, so to pair GD with TOP is just right LOL personality and music-wise nyahahaha :P
awwww 2sox hehehe i'll rub his tumtum for yah ;-)

CheonsaDiana said...

I have some intense repair live snail essence trial packs. Hope it works for me too. -______-

Marge said...

ey, good luck ^_^

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