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 ey i'm back! my apologies for no videos lately, i've been under the weather lately and i think so, too, has the internet =( so it's just purely blogging.  but while i wasn't feeling too well, i still had to look good right? sige na umo-o na kayo :P
so i've been using this eye shadow duo for simplicity's sake.  i purchased this with my own money during one of Kate's events at that saruman mall that cuts down trees older than they are up there in the city of pines, (but the mega branch).  so i got this at a discounted price.
the premise of this duo and of this line is that you can combine the two shades and naturally get a third shade.
 as expected, with my mm pallet and of course my lunasol eye shadows, this eye shadow duo is super creamy and has just the right amount of sheen.  so no, japanese eye shadows, though always shimmery, do not have huge chunks of glitter in them unlike western brands that can be both powdery and gritty (if you can imagine that) at the same time.  nope, not this duo though.  it's really smooth to apply!  so eye shadow brushes aren't really necessary with this (these Kate eye shadows).  just the really sturdy sponge tip applicator and the tip of your finger to blend out and your good!
 from to right, the dark brown sorta bark looking shade, the high light shade, and lastly, the combo shade.  success in creating a third shade!  now to do it almost exactly the same on both eyes! hahaha
they really are pigmented and compared to the kate brown collection that i reviewed here
i actually added a little warmth to the look below by adding the pink on my kate brown collection
there the salmon pink in the middle is what i used to warm it up a bit.
there a day wear look.  you can spruce it up to be a wearable smoky for a night time look by adding more of the chocolate brown or the bark brown from either of the kate shadow pallets.
here i am :P
compared to the brown collection i have.

  • uhhhh not expensive as lunasol?  almost just the same price as Majolica Majorca.  which let's face it for a Japanese brand, it's kinda cheap.
  • unlike the kate brown collection, the shadows here on this duo is really really smooth and creamy to apply (while the kate brown collection,  the pink and bark brown shadow in the pallet are gritty)
  • very pigmented 
  • very very very finely milled, it's almost like the lunasol.  well almost
  • no weird scent
  • no fall out
  • doesn't oxidize
  • doesn't crease
  • doesn't fade throughout the day
  • the shimmer!  it isn't glittery at all.  just like the lunasol pallet, they are not glittery in my point of view, but they are shimmery.  it really is quite fantastic, specially if you've tried western brands that have powdery and glittery eye shadows.  said powder or glitter from eye shadows from the west sometime get into my eyes.  needless to say, it's annoying.  but not these eye shadows from japan, nope.
  • locally available and priced very similarly to the prices in sg, and hk, and see it's Y1300 so roughly half that equivalent in peso, plus the mall fee and tax, pwede na sa PhP780 but i only paid php702 since there was a discount when i purchased this.  so it's even closer to the real price.
  • the sponge tip applicator.  japan, teach the world, how you make these really sturdy, do not tear, washable sponge tip applicators that is just perfect for how finely milled your eye shadows are?!  well i guess, not :P
  • the packaging, eh well kaya naman siguro kasi mura.  it's tough to open the lid, it's kinda flimsy, and i feel like if i drop the thing it's gonna break
  • the concept of a third shade - it's pretty hard to replicate that shade for both eyes.
Do I recommend - definitely, specially to beginners, and those of you who'd rather not fiddle with too much eye shadow
Will i repurchase? - most likely!


saccharine0158 said...

pretty!!! :3

Pinkoolaid said...

Hey this looks fabulous! :) I hate gritty eyeshadows. I'll check this out when I'm at watsons <3

Clair said...

love the colors on your eyes. :) so sleek and clean. love it!

Dawn said...

This really made your eyes pop out and looking so fresh! I love the little eyeliner wing too! Gorgeous! :)

Marge said...

hi Dawn:
awww thanks hun ^_^ ♥ that's a wonderful compliment ^_^
naku, i'm getting addicted na to Japanese makeup LOL este patay :P

Marge said...

hi Clair. awww thanks luv ^_^ yeah i can't say enough good things about this product, except for the so so packaging, the product itself is really nice ♥

Marge said...

awww thanks ♥

Marge said...

hi Angel!
thanks, true gritty eye shadows, they end up rolling around under the folds of my eyes so i end up feeling them more specially if the glitters are not small and fine LOL, so i've been loving my Majolica, Lunasol and now this eye shadow that are so smooth and finely milled ♥

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