Thursday, April 26, 2012


 I think i've been wearing pink for two weeks now.  lol pink blouses are tops that i may never run out of hahaha.  and because of that i can wear this.  one of the spring 2012 collection pallets. tadaaaah
it's Y5000, so around PhP2500, the srp for this in Rustan's is 3k (at least naman daw di mo na kailangan pumunta ng Japan :P)
actually, apart from the really pretty rose imprint of the high light shade, all of these shades are not new and were just in different pallets. nice and sparkly and super finely milled.
The reason why fuzkittie hardly, if ever uses eye shadow brushes?  Japanese sponge tip applicators.  they are just sturdy, not flimsy, spread/apply/blend the finely milled shadows in place that it's hard to mess it up.  it's almost fool proof.  and since it is sturdy and not flimsy, then you can launder these with just liquid hand soap, dry it and you're good again.
the pigmentation. well, let's see.  it's actually a bit of a let down.  they are soooo not like the other two lunasol pallets i have (from the 2011 fall collection).  it took at least a couple of swipes for this kind of vivid shades to come out.  i was kinda taken aback by it since i am used to the fall 2011 pallets that i have.
but i think i did pretty ok? watchatink?
too bad the beige-y golden shade doesn't show up too much in this lighting, it's the best of the 4 imho. 
i do love the sponge tip applicators. specially the pointed one, it makes applying the darker, liner shade so easy.
as with my other lunasol pallets, i (you) can make your looks from day to night time.

  • packaging, LOL need i say more? it's not at all flimsy, it's built well and to last.  it's easy to open, it's closes shut when clicked, soooo unlike the packaging of Kate's eye shadows
  • no weird scent
  • elegantly shimmery so no big chunks of glitter that may get in my eye
  • finely milled
  • really creamy to apply just like all my two other lunasol pallets and my majolica majorca pallets
  • not chalky
  • does not crease
  • does not fade throughout the day with or without eye primer underneath
  • nice satin finish
  • gorgeous pallet with the flower detail for the high light shade
  • not as pigmented as my other lunasol pallets.  the pigmentation reminds me of my kate pallets
  • the price but oh well, i got it at 10% discount so at PhP2700, it's quite close already to the Japanese Yen equivalent
Will I repurchase? prolly not from this collection, maybe when they come out with the fall 2012 collection?
Do I recommend - if you like Japanese brands, by all means, i think they are worth the money compared to say other high end brands like smash box and too faced with really really chalky eye shadows that you wonder what the fuss is and what drove marketing to peg the srp's that high for these brands.  so yeah, japanese eye shadows, hands down beat western brands that i've tried, EXCEPT ONE.  more on that soon


Jes Roque said...

Hindi ko kinaya ang presyo! Hahaha!

Marge said...

hehehe i'm comforted in the knowledge that this isn't as stupidly priced as the smashbox :P

Chriselle Sy said...

Shame it's too pricey and at the same time not so pigmented.

Marge said...

yeh parang minadali. well i have fall of 2012 to look forward to. and their foundation is divine so that's my last purchase before May then my cosmetic shopping ban starts

Chiqui Perez said...

2k? Wow, high end nga. :) But yes, very subtle lang siya. It's like a colored sheen on the eyelids. 

Ako naman I'm on a coral orange/coral pink craze. :P Summery!

Marge said...

yep, even in Japan it's pricey, neh?
true, i always loved the sheen on my MM and Lunasol pallets. maybe they did soften it up a bit for spring in this set?
hahaha orange/tangerine, ow owright, i'll whip out my tangerine etude stuff from last year LOL :P

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