Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's Summer!!! Missha's Mango Body Mist

Just a quick post.  aaaaand who couldn't resist taking pitures! it's such a lovely sunny day! and seeeee i live in a high rise condo! hehehe joke
I actually got this at half off at PhP350something at the Missha store at that pine tree cutting mall. I was looking for something not lemon-y.  something not too fruity, i kinda not remember why i didn't get an apple scent.  before even smelling soon as i saw the word mango, i knew i wanted it.
weeee, Missha's against animal testing.
 and the ingredients.
 and the atomizer.
at first i found the scent too sweet then it started to dissipate. and then it was just right.  
a few thoughts:

  • it's not alcholy, like that tingy feeling that it's kinda drying on the skin? it's not that
  • scent doesn't last too long, but it leaves behind something really mild and doesn't smell like old tresor or anais anais (oh ha hindi na jovan or charlie :p)
  • the scent is not overbearing 
  • since i don't go to the provinces, i don't get to smell fruits for real, the supermarket is the closest thing hahaha i iz a looser?  so i got this, i'm glad i did.
  • oh the atomizer works just right, too.  doesn't do the glob of spritz and it's easy to control.  i can do just a small squirt to a full on spritz the type you walk into while it's in the air LMAO :P
  • the cap that covers the spritzer - it's difficult to take it off once it's clicked on to its proper position.  this is a very good thing that way my bag won't suddenly smell of mangoes because of accidental spritzing because the cap didn't stay where it should.
I'm pretty pleased with this purchase.  and it's different.  it's not a lemony, not apple-y it's something else.  though actually i've never really tried those red mangoes.  i just know the typical pinoy mango.
that's it for now



Czjai Reyes-Ocampo said...

Hahaha! Panalo talaga yang Charlie at Jovan na yan. :D
But this looks/smells promising. Makapagbilin nga kay husbandry. :)

Gellie Abogado said...

interesting product. thanks for sharing. matingnan nga sa missha ito soon :)

Marge said...

hehehe may dinawit rin naman akong anais anais at tresor LOL
hahaha halatang inabutan ko na yun at nakiki spray ko sa pabango ng nanay ko LMAO

Marge said...

hehehe thanks, they have many other fruit scents ;-) in case this one is too fruity more on the sweet side for yah ;-)

Kumiko Mae said...

where where where did you buy this. i love anything mango scented :D

Marge said...

hi there:
"I actually got this at half off at PhP350something at the Missha store at that pine tree cutting mall"

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