Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Body Washes - Lush-s It-s Raining Men and TBS Moringa Foaming Bath

I have been meaning to do a comparative review on these two for a while now.
I like these two brands because of their natural ingredients and the causes they stand for.  even though i'm no longer quite into the body shop anymore, there are times when i still go in for a quick look specially when they have their 40% off sales.  and because of such a sale, i was able to purchase this moringa foaming bath.  i've loved this moringa flower scent, ever since the body shop released this line back in 09(?)  and i always look forward to it when something from the moringa line is on sale.
the ingredients are below, and yep, they are, as they always been (afaik) against animal testing.

and now for the Lush body wash in it's raining men.  hahaha love the name! well, lush always have these clever names for their products.  this is no exception.  it's raining men is the liquid version of honey i washed the kids.  the lush soap the well, is only good when it's very very new, like just made last week kinda new.  as it gets old it ends up smelling like rubber.  so i opted for the liquid version.  i don't like storing wax bar soaps anyhow, so it's all good.
the ingredients are below and Lush, too, is against animal testing.  the ladies of SSI (the importers of lush, nine west, the stuff at the beauty bar, etc) even made me sign their wall as a part of the signature run for pledges for their awareness campaign against animal testing.
ooooh rose hip, hmmm

Aspect Lush The Body Shop
Scent honey vanillamoringa flowers, it's really quite hard to describe, it's fruity & flowery
Cleaning powerbetter than TBS's moringa foaming bath, cleans my deodorant right offDoesn't clean as well as lush's it's raining men (meaing my deodorant takes extra scrubbing to get it out)
Scent Lasting PowerLasts the whole dayLasts a couple of hours, tops
Freshness Feelingi kinda stay feeling fresh with this one more than moringa :-(lasts a couple of hours, hehehe tops
Skin reactionNonenone
PricePhP325 for 110 gramsPhP300 since i got it at 40% but really it's like 800? sorta, so kinda almost the same price content wise

of the two, it's raining men that i've repurchased because of two things, i'm leaning towards the honey vanilla scent over the fruity flowery scent and the fact that Lush's body wash can remove my deodorant from mah pits with just a swipe and i don't have to get all pink and hurt there when i shower.
sooo flower fruit or sweet honey vanilla? what say you?

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