Wednesday, April 4, 2012 T-Shirts at AnalogSoul Launch!

Just a quick post from my phone:
Yesterday was the launch of Kring's T-shirt line! this was held at Analog Soul in Trinoma at 3PM. Woot!  here's an entrePinay!  what was once a fandom and hobby is now a real business and a real Korean boyfriend at that.

there was a little program during the launch.  yes, that is a Highcut newspaper with GDragon on the cover.

the gentleman that arranged and co-produce Kring's new song!

yesterday's troop!

and the designs that you can expect when you visit Analog Soul

the Kring has a music video out!

the Kring and I

Analog Soul's front display

and naturally, like i've said before, i need to update my clothes.  i sorta did that by buying these two babies.  Shirts are PHP550 each.  and yes, FC's the reason why i don't buy your shirts because they are not available in baby t form.  so as soon as i Kring confirmed that her designs are available in baby T's then i obviously had to have 2!  and i'm now kicking myself in the rear end for not seeing that baby pink one up in the display.  well, there's next pay day!

and yes, when i am in trinoma i end up at Laneige.
I am happy for Kring, I am happy for anyone who is living their dream.  hurray  for woman power and hurray for the entrePinay!
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sjbkk said...

Hi there! I'm a long time lurker and it's my first time to comment on your blog :)

I nominated you for Versatile Blogger Award. You can check out the rules on my blog: x

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Marge said...

thanks, i'll check it out

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