Friday, April 27, 2012

REVIEW: 3S Pre-Glued Lashes in Tender

I purchased this in a bazaar, at Sophie's Booth (Beauty and Minerals) i think this was PhP250 if my memory serves.
the whole idea of pre glued and yes, with an extra pair of glue strips made me buy this.  

 but see just look at them there are just so natural looking and so soft.
 and they are fine.  not sure though if they are made of real hair.
 the glue is kinda gray black.  
 this is a no mess no fuss application of lashes.  it's almost fool proof!  and if there's anything i hate it's application of falsies!  but in about 1 second, as in literally, 1-2 seconds i was successfully able to apply one and almost perfectly, too!
 yeah, this is my good eye LOL.  they eye that easily cooperates when i apply makeup, the lashes cooperate when i cure them and it's not as hooded as my right eye.  the roots of the falsies may show but
 when my eye is open you can hardly notice them.  
 they have other variants of these lashes.  but all for normal wear so no petals or butterflies like the shu uemura ones seen in futuristic hunger games
  • reusable.  well nearly all false lashes are reusable, you just know how to clean off the glue.  but this one really is reusable!
  • super easy to use! (hopefully, it wasn't beginners luck i experienced.
  • soft root-band that is easy to shape according to the shape of my eye lids
  • the glue didn't irritate the skin of my eye lids
  • it was easy and not painful to pull off
  • this tender variant looks natural, my eyes only better
  • didn't shed when i had it on or when i pulled it off my lids
  • each pair has an extra pair of glue strips
  • glue strips and the ones stuck to the falsies do not smell like funky glue
  • didn't peel off throughout the day (but then i was stuck in an airconditioned office so i wasn't over heating or sweating)
Will i repurchase: definitely, YES!  and this variant, too.
Do i recommend: definitely, YES for different occasions, too.  weddings, graduation.  santa cruzan, flores de mayo, reina elena. it's very lady like and not too flamboyant so it's not for drag.


Thiamere Brea said...

i have tried the revlon one
& i like them almost the same with my favorite ardell lashes but of course,since they're pre-glued it made my life!
unfortunately they're not available here

Marge said...

oooh revlon, they have such nice products, too bad the revlon importer to the philippines doesn't bring in the stuff readily available in the states.
i wanna try revlon's heated lash curler LOL
yeh, i took a chance on this pre glued falsies, since i was at the bazaar and it was there anyway hehe. i'm glad i did, the preglued and reusable factor made it worth the php250 price tag ^_^

Issachavez said...

ayyy, ang ganda!  looks very natural! :)

Marge said...

true, just enough to enhance the eyes ;-) great for weddings or events ♥

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