Thursday, April 12, 2012


 Finally! LOL, frankly unless it's for a video, i haven't really been wearing liquid liner, let alone such a solid black liquid liner as this one.
 now i know why this thing is really popular.  popular even with the Fuzkittie!  look at how fine that brush tip is? for fine calligraphy? it's so fine that it doesn't feel bothersome at all when tightlining (yung naglalagay ng eye liner sa ilalim ng pilik mata).
 and it really does paint finely (pino).  yan na yon by the way.  it kinda looks frayed but it's just my awful hangul writing.  VIP's would know what the characters spell out.
 yeah baby! the top layer of ink doesn't wash off the way the lioele brush tip liquid liner does (review on that here)
 but with the water, it can smudge off when you purposefully do so.  when having a drinks fight with a jersey shore character your eyes can get wet, no praaaaab, just don't rub your eyes unless you wanna end up like a raccoon.
 and just look at how fine the line really is.  it's slightly finer than the etude house i'm fine eye liner reviewed here
 i didn't have a hard time applying specially at the inner corner of my eye near the tear duct.  wala ring sabit. (the liner glides on smoothly either on bare skin or on skin with eye shadow)

  • smooth lining of the lash line
  • solid matte black
  • fine line
  • no eye irritation
  • can be used to tightline 
  • doesn't flake
  • doesn't smudge off  unless it's already wet
  • doesn't melt down the outer corner of your eye
  • doesn't flake off when taking it off with water based makeup remover
  • therefore it is easy to remove even with a water based makeup remover
  • hehehe it came free with the mascara LOL
  • NOT LOCALLY AVAILABLE (not locally available in the Philippines)  i had to buy this in HK at sasa
  • online sellers sell this liner (alone) quite expensively 1k for a liquid liner? talaga lang ha
Do I recommend this? oh definitely, for smokey even for stage.  this thing is solid black and really dark ^_^
Will I repurchase - yep!


Thiamere Brea said...

i love japanese brand when it comes to mascaras & liners. 
they are meant for asian eyes talaga!
that just reminds me, i have to order from ng fiberwig ulit!

raychramos said...

how much did you but this for @ SASA hk?:)

raych said...

how much did you buy this for at sasa HK?:)

Marge said...

true i'm getting into Japanese cosmetics na. lol hehe masubukan na nga yung fascio ni matsojun! :-P

Dawn said...

When it comes to eyeliners, I trust Asian brands more. Especially Jap brands. I've seen this a lot and been wanting to try it pero it's quite pricey e. :( Oh well. Thanks for the review though... Now I want it more. Haha!

Nikki said...

I have seen these in Japan but would you believe they are not as widely available as Kiss Me or Kanebo?  Medyo pahirapan silang hanapin ah!

yetanotherlatebloomer said...

Wow! Parang K-Palette din pala siya. In any case, will ask a friend to get this for me if someone goes to Sg or HK (dahil sa Sasa shops!). Or well, Japan. XD 

- Clair

Marge said...

yeh, it's pricey so i took advantage of the buy the mascara get the liner free LOL sa sasa. ok rin naman yung sa etude house, pero like i said in my review of the i'm fine liner, flimsy mashyadoe yung brush tip di gaya nitey ng dollywink, swak ang kapal at firmness ng tip so winner ang application.

Marge said...

hehehe kiss me. bangs ba nitey ni super man? hahaha i've yet to try that brand #newbiewithjapanesemaekup
ah talaga, dami nito sa sasa LOL sa hk pa talaga para makabili ng japanese product LOL

Marge said...

hehehe, madalang daw sa japan sabi ni Nikki =( hk na lang mas mura pang pumunta hahaha

Marge said...

it was 125HKD for two products a dolly wink mascara that i also reviewed here
so it's a two-for-1

Marge said...

it was 125HKD for two products a dolly wink mascara that i also reviewed here
so it's a two-for-1

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