Monday, April 23, 2012


So where was I...oh yes, my weekly bb cream feature.  (blog post on exactly where i was these past couple of days by tomorrow).
This is BB cream #2 from my Skin79 sample collection.  and this is the one favored, if my memory serves me correctly, by Nikki, and i think she likes it so much she got a second bottle!  and i think i'm leaning to agree with her on this one, too!  AND SHE AND I HAVE DIFFERENT SKIN TYPES HA.  
so here it is.  one of the pioneer bb creams in the market.  skin79.  this one promises whitening, has some sunscreen, and claims that after consistent use it will improve the appearance of ones' wrinkles.
and this IS your classic bb cream.  it's on the beigey kinda gray thick cream
but woot, once it blends!
can you see how it gave me coverage but didn't overwhelm me by making me look overly made up? purrrfect for summer! (ok fine, look at my under eye area, and my cheeks, how it evened out my skin tone from dull to well, not dull :P)
photo below is taken with flash 
photo below without flash, less shadowy under my right eye compared to my left eye (the one with the mole under it)
  • easy to apply
  • no gray caste
  • no harsh skin reaction, new zit, no milla, or an increase number of black/white heads
  • evened out my skin tone
  • medium coverage, the right amount of coverage i need now that my skin has healed
  • 3.5 out of 5 in oil control
  • good shade match with the skin of my neck
  • easy to remove or clean off my face
  • for something 40g it's only PhP880 from kkochipida
  • the full size has a pump
  • spf 25 pa ++ for today's standard's that is no longer current.  it should be at least spf30 pa +++ even for indoors
  • not locally available, luckily, my suki carries it
Will I purchase the full size - it is in the realm of possibility 
Do I recommend - yep


Kathneko said...

like ko din to sis :) shade number 2 pala to. so may shade 1 pa?

Marge said...

parang wala dito ko tuminin sa US site

Chiqui Perez said...

Wow, I eyed this before when it first came out but then realized the gold was for dryer, more mature skin? I may have read that somewhere. The pink one is more oily skin... but it worked for you, so I guess what the label claims really depends on one's hiyang-ness to it. ^^

Siya nga pala, the NR BB cream I got from the Valentine's package giveaway isn't so hiyang for me. I oiled up all the more. :(((( Pity coz I was excited about the BB cream. ^^ May haps I shall give it to my mum or seester when they visit the Phil. soon. xD

Marge said...

yeh, i was thinking this gold vip one wouldn't work for me since i have oily to combo skin and Nikki says she has dry skin. but i liked this bb on me. i wore it 7 straight days even thru a not so cool sm north the block event for etude. but i wasn't too oily.
awww i'm sorry the collagen bb from NR didn't work out, i like that pa naman, too, since it's just right for everyday. yep, whenever i have products that don't work on me i ship it off to mom since we have opposite skin types.
hope the rest work out for yah ;-)

Issachavez said...

i have read this from Nikki's blog too!  but still haven't tried it... it gives a nice coverage :)

Marge said...

yep, just the right amount of coverage for my skin right now ;-)

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