Saturday, April 14, 2012


And finally, I get to review this foundation.  yes, foundation.  Description is below.
the ingredients and in English.
the upside down tube and its spout, hassle.
and the watery product thus i call it foundation.
and once blended.
it's not at all reflective, photo below is taken with the flash on.
and with no flash (still the left side of my face with no bb)
and once i'm completely made up.  i'm back to topping my face with my hg mineral powder reviewed here
  • didn't break me out.  this is supposed to be for sensitive skin.  that means it has ingredients for skin prone to break out.  this also means it is gentle.   and that it has processed honey for topical use.
  • light to medium coverage, perfect for summer, doesn't make you look too made up
  • isn't cakey
  •  shade match is acceptable.  it's a tad dark but just a tad.  my comparison is my neck, so it only almost matched how fair my neck and chest is
  • easy to apply and blend out, it is after all quite watery
  • BUT doesn't dry to quickly so it's just right for blending
  • spf 30 pa ++ just enough for indoors or going out for a quick milk tea :P
  • CURRENTLY, Tony Moly only has one shade, this is number 3, por Dios.  not even #2? for me?
  • oil control is so so, i get oily in about 3-4 hours so i have to blot the oil off my nose about 2x a day
  • the price for something from a not too high end brand this bb cream is quite pricey to think it has no pump! It is PhP1098 at the local Tony Moly shops.
  • and lastly, no pump.  imagine the price increase if it was released with a pump!  ordinarily having just this upside down tube is acceptable, but it's just so damn watery that 1.) is pretty hard to control dispensing the product (which is why the pic of it on the back of my hand looks that way) 2.) it's watery enough for me to think of it as a foundation instead of a bb cream. it's only a tad thicker than that fake bb cream i love to hate, the Maybelline bb.
Do I recommend? - yes, sure, but don't expect this to have the usual bb cream with all the bells and whistles.  it is a foundation with friendly to the skin ingredients and sunscreen
Will I repurchase - no


Pammy said...

It is pretty dark on you, I can see how it is a tad dark on you. But that is too expensive for a BB cream that's not even from a high end brand. :-\

Marge said...

Hi Pammy! ♥
eggzaklee, but it was a requested review, LOL so ayun.  had to dust it over with a little more of my revlon colorstay mineral aqua than my usual just to try and even it out LMAO :P

Cat said...

expensive and it's not even in a pump dispenser ang hassle sa application O_o and  its  a bit dark on you considering your snow white :P Have you tried EH Dear My Blooming Lipsticks? cute packaging and the shades are vibrant as per the SA their best seller are the  bright Pink & Orange.

Aya Mabalot said...

this one's pretty expensive ate marge. its good that they have darker bb creams since some bb creams in the philippines tend to make morena girls look uber gray pero the price is to steep. maybe if it came from a high end brand pwede pa.

Marge said...

all of the points you have raised is true. hopefully, they don't turn into a Lioele or a Missha who were once 'drugstore' but are now changing their market =(

Marge said...

re EH lipsticks-oh those, i haven't been into an SM mall since they started to cut down trees in Baguio. i'll visit their east branch siguro next week. i'm also shying away from shopping since i'm on a cosmetics shopping ban, except for skin care and makeup remover :P
yep, ang hassle kunan ng picture dahil nga sa watery sya tas medyo puno pa so it squeezes out nahirapan ako kunan ng picture without having that much (on the back of my hand) ooze out. =(

Aya Mabalot said...

hope so too... *Gah!* reading your bb cream posts make me wish I could get a hold on some asian products right now. all they have here in saudi are western/european brands. :( 

Marge said...

awwww high end western brands man lang i hope? :P
order ka na lang online from

AngeL Teruel said...

where did you buy that bb cream? 

Marge said...

hi there. i bought it at the Tony Moly store.

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