Saturday, May 12, 2012

Be Orgasmic for Less: SLEEK's ROSE GOLD

I'd like to thank my office mate Ria for allowing me to photograph and swatch her new blush that she purchased from Digital Traincase's physical store located at the Eton Cyberpod in Ortigas.  this is it folks, sleek's answer to orgasm but a tad warmer and golden.
i love the 'sleek' packaging.  it's tiny and handy but has 8g of product and a mirror, to boot!
side by side comparison with my own hot mama and my own orgasm, hehehe dugyutin na but that's cuz i use them a lot LOL
and side by side swatches, seriously, it's hard to tell them apart, but hot mama is closer to sleek's rose gold.
and in a different light.  they all have wonderful non-overwhelming glitters that just give you a good sheen.  but orgasm is the pinkest of the lot.

  • packaging it's small and handy with a mirror yet contains 8GRAMS of blush! it's not flimsy and it closes shut once clicked
  • pigmentation, it's pigmented but won't make you end up looking like a clown
  • didn't give that part of my forearm (that part where you test for allergies) give me any itch sting or pain
  • looks good on any skin tone from mine to very warm or golden skin tones because of the gold flex
  • very little oxidation from what i noticed on my office mate's cheeks
  • lasts on her all day
  • the price. for all the above pros it's only PhP450 even from Digital Traincase
  • digital traincase has physical stores, the one in eton cyberpod and in rockwell, making it convenient for people who has yet to find out about online shopping, gcash/smart money/paypal
  • currently not available in the Philippines, can only be purchased through online stores such as  Digital Traincase
Do i recommend: i certainly do, specially if you're looking for an inexpensive alternate to orgasm



Dawn said...

I want to try Sleek blushes too but I don't see a need to buy blushes right now. I'm not a blush person kasi and what I have now is pretty much plenty for me. I like this color though pero I already have NARS orgasm na din so if ever I decide to try out a Sleek blush, might not get this.

Marge said...

hahaha precisely, it's why i just borrowed my office mate's :P

Clair said...

I have yet to finish a package of powder blush ahaha. XD If ever I seriously want to get NARS orgasm pero kulang sa budget, I'd check this out siguro.  Mas madaling dalhin ito compared sa Ellana na blush.  Though I like what I got from them, I have a tendency to spill the loose powder from the container ~_~

Marge said...

i wasn't a fan of the sleek pout lip conditioner blah blah, but for non-asian cosmetic fans out there, sleek, at least for this blush is a good starter for someone to like sleek. i doubt if i'll get into their shadows, i'd rather stick to mm or lunasol and the balm for good creamy shadows in powder form ^_^

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