Monday, May 21, 2012


Some of you know that apart from my love for Korean cosmetics, a huge youtube/beauty blogger called Fuzkittie influenced me greatly to try other Asian brands, one of which is Kanebo and its sub brands one of which is Kate.
Here we are three years later, i've tried a ton of bb creams, i'm now into snail creams and i'm super sold on Japanese eyeliners and eye shadows!  AND today, i just spent a wonderful afternoon with my mom for our free make over at the Kate counter at the SM North Department Store area for the weekend event below!  It is her birthday weekend so I introduced her to a brand I really am liking lately!
Kate has launched a new set of eye shadows and here they are, in the Philippines, officially ^_^
 Below are the rest of Kate's new products now also available in the Philippines.
 woot, cream blushes, OMO, they iz really naaaaizz!  with powdery shimmery finish that i hold so dear!
 so natural looking, no fear of looking like a clown with these shades!
 tsk another bb cream, i tried out Kate's limited edition bb cream and reviewed it here, i'm hoping this new bb cream will do much better ;-) this was the bb cream used on my mom's and my face for the makeover.
 woot, yes folks, this is not a rake for leaves, it's a mascara wand.  comb style like ahem, ahem the other japanese brand, the lash king! but Kate, of course has to, like has to, look different.  it's a twisty at the bottom and the ink, i mean the mascara formula oozes out at the side of each comb.
 new liquid liner, hehehe 
 and oooo this!  it's a liquid liner with the brush tip but it's double ended, see the brown tip on the upper right hand corner of the pic below? it's brown eye shadow, so it's nifty for travel once you get a hang of not getting brown shadow everywhere when you pop the lid open for it.
 and here we are, their proud new product, the Kate photoready.  ooops did i say photoready? i'm sorry i meant the Kate Lasting High Coverage Liquid foundation! :P
 and these babies, notice anything with the above and below pic? they now haZ shades for our warmer and deeper skin toned ladies!  yeah that, bronze color you see below, middle bottom row is actually much darker in real life than in this photo.
 oh ha ang mudra, f na f ang makeover by Ms Muriel!
 i iz busog, yaan nyo na ko LOL
 uuuyss demure kunwari!
 the fruit does not fall far from the tree! :P
 shining shimmering golden beige!
 thanks Ms Muriel! (hopefully i didn't murder the spelling of your name!)

 and a few hours later after a humid walk on the skygarden, look ma, buo pa! so wait, is this what y'all mean by dewy glow?? well there you have it, i love love love that cream blush! and the bb cream, my skin, my mom's skin, it just doesn't cake up! i guess that gel blah blah thing works for our humid muggy climate we have?  AND LOOK! it matches the skin shade of my neck!!!!
 uuuyyys Ms Yannie! thanks so much! i can now sorta do this makeup look i've been itching to do with this green golden! thanks so much and hehehe a Freshel BB with sp41! what's not to like!?
 yes, yes, i know i swore off buying something, anything til i get to korea or bkk, but well, at 20% off it's like i went to bkk anyway?! yes, you read it right, they said 20%!  so there was a 10% discount for all the stuff at the watson's beauty area for the brands participating.  but you get a another 10% off when your bill reaches 1500! eh di parang bumili na rin ko sa bkk or JAPAN with that kind of discount.
 mudra and daughter :P happy birthday ma!
of course, i'll do a full review of the bb cream! and a side by side comparative review on the cream blush!
how was your weekend!? clearly with the look on mine and mom's face we were at the least peachy LOL :P


Pammy said...

You're just like sisters! :)

Dawn said...

Happy birthday to your mom! I only learned about Kate a few weeks ago and I've been willing to try them out but I don't have time to go to SM North as of the moment... I see some stuff in your post that I'll put in my to-buy list! :D

Marge said...

i think it's an all out watson's (sm dept store thing) thing for the discount at least 10% it's just that Kanebo has an extra 10% discount for the launch attendees and for the event for the public ;-)
but yeah, i do hear that Kate liners are really great, of course, it is after all a japanese liner hahaha ^_^

Marge said...

hehehe we are, sorta :P

Dawn said...

 Ah. I've been only to SM San Lazaro and Rob manila most of the time lately that's why I haven't seen Kate Kiosks yet.  Will check it out! Japanese liners are awesome!

Marge said...

ah really? they have it at Trinoma, too, and sm makati, etc ;-)

Kat Bulaong said...

wow your mom looks very young ms. marge :) btw is their Designing Eyebrow (the one in powder form) available in here? <3

Marge said...

yep, it's here, that's what they used on me for the make over ;-)

Irina Dementia said...

soo love the look! am going to definitely check it out this weekend:) hope you can also share your lovely tips & reviews at a place to get the latest news, tutorials and product reviews of the newest trends in the beauty industry. see you there <3

Marge said...

hi there, hope you caught the event, it lasted til may 23 last week ^_^
thanks for the heads up, i'll check that out.
LOL, i'm on luxx, on hellocotton, and even clozette hehehe

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