Sunday, May 13, 2012

HOUSE OF OBAGI - Blue Peel Experience Day 7

one week later after my obagi blue peel last week, and here I am, at Day 7.  yes, there's a little more, just a tad more peeling.
yuh me all bug-eyed!
the reason why i jumped at the offer for the chemical peel, those fine lines above my brow.  those were actually deeper that i made shallower thanks to snail creams.  but i guess it plateaued to just what you see, so i wanted to take it a little further with peels.  and of course those visible pits, my big pores since i have oily skin on my t-zone.
but as you can see, even on day 7, i'm only exfoliating around my t-zone area and quite mildly at that.
so unlike the other bloggers who have undergone the same blue peel and who look as though they went through some zombie apocalypse.
more of my forehead
and some around my cheek.
and that line.
and some around my chin.
and on the other side.
am i over the top underwhelmed? uhhh yeah, i suppose.  good grief, even my mom, scared me sh!tle$$ telling me 'oh noes!, child, you iz gonna hafta wash your face with cold, ice cold water! that's how stingin' it gonna feel'  yeah we talk lolcats icanhazcheeseburger that way :P
so i go back to the clinic and spoke to Doctor Pua for my follow up appointment, and well, even he was surprised that this is as much peeling i've been having since day 4.
as they say in all things medical, organic, and biologic, it's a case to case basis.  that some even go for an entire week before ANY peeling starts.
  • wear makeup again
  • allowed to go back on my snail cream regimen or whatever else i do
  • a little more peeling in the coming days since i may be a delayed peeler
  • whatever effect i did get from this chemical peel to last about a month and a half (which is about the time i can have another chemical peel done again, and on that occasion, be at 20% [of their blue peel]) 
What I'll do for another week:

  • take it easy on my skin
  • keep using that skin hydrating cream i got pwnd in buying
  • use the gentlest most topical makeup, and that my friends is mineral makeup, i guess it's back to 2009 for me for at least a week.


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