Tuesday, May 8, 2012

HOUSE OF OBAGI - Day 0 - The Famous Obagi Blue Peel

I was contacted by a fellow blogger if i was interested to try out Obagi and naturally i'd jump at the chance at one of their treatments. though it's pricey i would still certainly try their treatments if they're on discount.   they are on special because of their new branch that just opened at, where else, but the place we hang out for lunch etc, Robinson's Galeria!
so here i am, trying out for the very first time a chemical peel. (where as previously i had tried out a diamond peel).
This is what the House of Obagi is famous for: from their website
Obagi Blue Peel
Blue fro a day, healthier skin for a lifetime
This treatment is designed to improve the health of you skin. Using a low concentration of Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) mixed with a special blue base to slow down penetration, the Obagi Blue Peel allows the Dermatologist to monitor the appropriate depth of the peel to effectively remove the thin surface layer of the damaged skin. The dead skin cells are replaced with the healthier cells, allowing the skin's original clarity and tightness to resurface. This treatment is appropriate for the face and other body parts.
15% Coat System - This is recommended to rejuvenates sensitive, normal, dry or thin skin. It helps get rid of the comedones, as well as complement and enhance the skin restoration mechanism of the Obagi Nu-Derm System.
20% Coat System - This is recommended for the thick skin and/ or those who can tolerate a more intense burning sensation to treat brown spots, melanoma, and skin roughness. It also helps minimize large pores, skin laxity, fine lines, wrinkles and scars.

 I confirmed my appointment the day before and was set to go back to ortigas even on a saturday LOL.  and this is what welcomes me.  a very sleek office mostly in white.  the paint smell is still evident, but a nice clean paint smell.  and lookeeey, their on FB and twitter
 Their luxurious products.  the obagi-c line.
 the nu derm.  the facial wash and toner i have tried.  super gentle indeed!
 rows and rows of certificates.
 and their Filipino celeb endorser Pia.  in this office, too, was my consultation with their Derma for the afternoon, Dr Pua.
 treatment gurney is like most derma clinic gurneys.
 tadaaaah, me with no makeup.
 may autoclave! 
 awwww an iddibidy electric fan
 let's wash off your snail cream, shall we?
 and here we go.  ah, so it's the base that's actually blue, while the chemical peel itself is almost colorless.
 the base is blue, but once mixed with the chemical peel, it turns to a moss kinda green
 first layer, kinda looks light.  then the dermatologist, Dr Pua asked how i was doing, and if i was fine or could tolerate more.  i was and can, so he went ahead and applied the second layer.
 hmmmm, alex o loughlin wasn't in the room but they thought i'd need two electric fans to cool me off hehehe.  nope, those are actually there to defer the itch or pain that they say is commonly associated with chemical peels.  hmmm, i just had it turned off, the cold was giving me more pain than any itch or sting that the people at the house of obagi are used to hearing about.
 hmmm i was offered these.  
 and these since my concern is pore treatment and exfoliation.
 and here i am.  pareho kaming bangag?  that's me with the green face and the derma for the afternoon, Doctor Pua.
nope, my cam just hates it when being held by another person, unless it's hero T.
common questions:

  • nasaktan ka? (did it hurt?) - nope, there were a few instances of stinging but nothing i couldn't handle.
  • matagal? (was the procedure long?) - nope the entire process including the description of all their services by the derma was about an hour give or take 10mins, what takes the longest time in that one hour is the process of removing the blue thing by their techs
  • malagkit? - nope, it dries rather quickly
  • can you use your usual skin care regimen - for now, no.  since snail cream has anti aging agents, i was advised by the good doctor to lay off it while i am peeling.  1.) to be truly sure it's their product that's causing anything (good or bad) to my skin 2.) so that i wouldn't have any added or nullifying effect by applying something that may just void the effect of the acid applied on to my face for this peeling (baka daw base yung snail cream)
  • did people stare at you with that green face? - actually no.  hehehe
  • anong bawal: direct sunlight on the face, extreme laughing, pak, i need to laugh like a geisha, and no as in no to pulling off the skin, i can cut but not pull or tug!
  • follow up appointment required, just to check up on the skin
  • no bb creams for awhile since those, too, have anti aging ingredients that may nullify the peel.

updates on my peeling process, that they say can last up to a week, will be posted throughout the week.  hay, it's just sunblock and their moisturizer LOL
for now while i type, i am not feeling any sting or itch, i am only feeling a tightening sensation around my face.  hay patay, no extreme laughing or sneezing eh hello i laugh like this!

thanks so much to my blog mate and to the house of obagi, see you next week!


Kathneko said...

I want this peel sis kaya lang pricey nga. Pede ba malaman kung magkano yung discount?thanks

Marge said...

hi there, until the 27th of May, there's a 15% discount on all products and services at this branch at the robinson's galeria (next to kenny roger's)

Carizza Chua said...

i wanna try obagi blue peel too!!

Marge said...

hope you can try it one of these days, this branch at gale though has an opening discount of 15% on all products and services until may 27. ^_^

Angela David said...

The mini fans were actually very helpful when i had my blue peel.  i love my new skin after the peel!! :)

Marge said...

awesome! i can't wait for my new skin to show up ♥

serendipity0017 said...

want to try it out, too!

Am a new follower of your blog. Followed you through GFC. Please follow mine,too!


saccharine0158 said...

i hope you like the result marge and i hope you can wear bb cream and put on your usual skincare stuff soon too! :)

Marge said...

hay, today, FINALLY, i have SOME peeling around my nose, emphasis on some. naku mukhang matagal ito ha =(

Jinny Sinog said...

so the question is, magkano nga sya sis, if you dont mind? i really wanna save for it :) - fan from qc

Marge said...

they wrote 6300 on my receipt
then 500 for the consultation, but was the payment was overridden by their marketing since i had to blog about this experience

Jinny Sinog said...

thanks for the fast response sis! i read from somewhere that belo charges 31k for this treatment (scary).

Marge said...

beh, package ata yun 31k :-)

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