Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I would like to thank Tina my office mate for the use of her tony moly prestige primer and i would like to thank FANGIRL ASIA for providing this item from Baviphat for this review.
so let's get to it, shall we? phhhhfft no ingredient list
sealed, and it's an upside down tube for controlled and hygienic dispensation of the product
it's a tad watery, but has this kind of purply iridescent glow once blended
i'm sorry the picture doesn't show the iridescent glow, hopefully, the picture below at least show a satin sheen ;-)
and below the tony moly prestige moisture primer.  look it has gold flecks!
and it has a pump
a fine pump
this is what comes out, a dimethiconey substance with gold flecks
and when blended out, the gold flecks is somewhere in there.
yesterday, i used this foundation.  it's not a colorstay so it not as long lasting as a colorstay hehehe
my face below with the baviphat face primer on the right side of my face and the tony moly prestige primer on the left side.
sue me, Zoolander: Magnum, Ferrari, Le Tigre and Blue Steel face, sorta :P
ok, why the hell is this pic here?
1.) can we just celebrate how both of these primers covered my pores, specially on my nose?!
2.) but it also kinda means it made my foundation look not too 2nd skin like =( meaning i looked i was really made up instead of kinda natural looking
about 12 hours later, look mah, that photoready is still there, didn't budge on either side
today it was laneige snow dual crystal foundation
 ok let me just say, i get it now.  i get it, super get it! laneige snow crystal dual foundation is just way better than the photoready, omg!  i know y'all can't tell the diff with me in the rose colored shirt and me below in the blue shirt, a full day after shot, but i can.  the snow crystal foundation truly is like 2nd skin, only better.
but back to the primers.
they certainly improved the oil control of the photoready a great deal, but only did so for the laneige by just a smidge.
Packaging upside down tube - hygienic has a pump - hygienic
Coveragesuperior pore coverage!ditto
Finishsatin lavender iridescence so it's brightening has gold flecks that blends out and sorta luminous finish
Lasting Powerworked better for Laneige so it's still foundation dependentsame same =(
Oil Controlbetter 4/5 (1-poor oil control 5-top notch!)not so great 2/5 at best but hey it's a moisturizing primer so it says on the bottle ;-)
Scentnope it doesn't smell like old lady ajumma matrona perfume like that other review said, it's actually mild and baby powderynone
Break Outdidn't break me out, no milla, no new black headsdidn't break me out, no milla, no new black heads
didn't cake up my foundationdidn't cake up my foundation
Price PhP760 available at FANGIRL ASIA i'll need to get back to you on this as to how much this is here, but online it's around US$28 ;-)
over all, for something that has moisture written on the bottle, the tony moly didn't really oil me out considering i have oily to combo skin and it's been crazy humid and rainy the last couple of days!


grycdale said...

where can I see the store of BAviphat ?thanks :)

Marge said...

there is only one store that i saw in myeoungdong. all the rest have closed. this brand has filed for bankruptcy.

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