Saturday, May 26, 2012


the kind people of Outsourced Marketers emailed me asking if i would be interested in reviewing a hair product they carry.  since there are only a few group sites that i'm actively subscribed, i have never heard of Lorys (not sure if it's missing an apostrophe there) hair cream until i was approached via facebook by Kira of Outsourced Marketers.
I said i'd be happy to review this and here we are, a couple of weeks later.
the ingredients listing below.  kindly click the picture to enlarge it.
what the top layer looks like.  this variant, in fruit cocktail is a like four seasons minus 2.  so underneath this yellow cream layer you have a pink one.
The picture below is my office mate's hair.  Thanks Tina.  she used the item on the day i took this picture
this is Ria's hair.
and mine
clearly, none of the pictures of hair above have the same texture, received the same treatment i.e. one the women above is straightened while the other two had digiperms.  none of the hair above have the same thickness like the amount of hair we have and none of us have the same type of hair strands.
the only unifying fact on this post is that we used lory's hair cream in fruit cocktail the day we took these pictures of our hair.
the information below is what i gathered to be the common opinion among the 4 other ladies that used this product.
Aspect My Hair Ria's Tina's
Scent fruity - not my thing butRia andTina liked it, smelled fresh to them
Texture / Consistency  really smooth and easy to spread and easy to rinse off
Finishshiny but not too muchshiny as in really shinyshiny just a tad shinier than my hair
Softness on Hair4/5 (1-stiff 5-pillow soft) 4.5/54.5/5
Oil Control2/5 (1-zero oil control 5-no greasy next day hair)3/53/5
Lasting Power 2/5 (1-hair goes stiff w/in a day 5 softness lasts 2days)3/53/5
Bad Skin Reactionnone nonenone
Overall, the ladies in my office that got to try this generally liked the product.  It made them think about purchasing their own specially while it was on half off on a group site.
With that much paraffin in your hair, naturally your hair would be soft.  i'm thinking it's way better than having mineral oil in your hair, right?
Personally, if you ask me, if it's better than my love tsubaki shampoo and hair cream, it isn't, but that's my personal preference just because my hair doesn't go greasy even after 2 days of not washing.  yes yes, i don't wash my hair on a daily basis.  why? i take the cab to and from work and it's a really bad idea to wash your hair on a daily basis, as in a really bad idea ;-)
Do i recommend:  yes i do, it works well on any hair type, and for 450 for about less than 400 pesos srp, that's a pretty good deal!


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